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Learn prayer to break ties of moorings

I had a client in a coaching and NLP session who complained of feeling his life tied up, stuck with promises and unable to let go. Everything in his life stopped and he blamed this promise. So I asked him: what is the worst case for feeling trapped? Is it being tied up or talking all the time that you are tied up and that nothing goes forward?

The word has power. What you think and say will materialize in your life forever. I also asked: feel tied to someone or something and not have the strength to get out of this situation? Or making promises to someone we can’t keep and leaving us stuck and with no way out?

The two cases are bad and even very similar. There’s nothing worse in someone’s existence than having a poorly designed and unfulfilled bond. The person creates a shackle so powerful that he cannot move forward or achieve his dreams and goals with ease.

You feel a weight or something that ties you to the past or you feel stuck in something that you can’t explain. Bonds arise initially innocently and even without major consequences. But, with the passage of time, these bonds, promises, sayings and eternal vows become a big “promissory” with interest and monetary correction, or rather, energy correction that comes to charge us.

It charges situations or positions that we don’t even know we have. Imagine yourself, wanting to make a thousand future plans for your personal growth, and when you try to do it, nothing happens. It looks like a “zica” or that someone comes and cuts you. And it even cuts off any chance of something new happening in life, because it has created bonds in the past that can prevent something from happening.

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And my client asked: how to break these bonds that bind us? First step is to stop giving force to the problem. Stop saying that everything is wrong in life because of a promise, tie or bond. The next step is to find out what was the promise made or what is this bond that binds you.

I worked with this client to break the negative pattern of the link through NLP, Nero Linguistic Programming, with success. I also recommended him to go to a church he trusted and light a candle to Our Lady Untie the Knots, to untie this bond or light a candle to Saint Michael the Archangel to cut everything that holds him back to the past.

You have to create a ritual to feel that you have broken and sever this bond. Do it for seven weeks. Try to light the candle at the same time to create strength in prayer and desire to break the bond. When lighting the candle, say the prayer below. Do everything with will, strength and faith. Or simply pray the prayer below for seven days and break the negative bond quickly.

Prayer to break bonds and ties

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask your forgiveness for my sins committed in the time of ignorance and I regret having committed them; therefore I renounce, renounce and unbind all my committed sins (detail by detail, bond by bond) and command all demons (name them if known) that came because of these entanglements be tied up and get out of my life and don’t come back again , in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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I appropriate the Blood of the Covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ and place it between myself and all my past, canceling it of all its effects and consequences. Proverbs 28:13 – says, “He who covers his transgressions will never prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

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