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Make spells to discover truths and secrets

Who has never heard the following phrases “Secret is the soul of the business”, “Keep your mouth shut”, “A silent mouth does not get mosquitoes”? Great phrases to pass on a single message: keep your life, ideas and truths secret.

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But this message doesn’t always work when you’re the one who wants to know if your husband, girlfriend, wife or crush is telling the truth or hiding a secret.

You want the relationship to be open and without secrets. You want him or her to tell the truth and not hide anything. Many will say that it is to have the information very clear. However, not always the partner will say everything. Of course, it won’t do any good to press, because secrets are not easy to reveal. How about then using esoterism? Or rather, the sympathies to discover that secret?

Like the idea? See below for some spells to find out what you want.

sympathy 1

Place under the bed, at the height of the loved one’s head, a flip-flop or shoe. Then, watch your partner’s sleep. Pay attention, because as soon as he sleeps he will reveal some little secrets.

sympathy 2

Take a yard of red satin and new. Make a cushion with the satin and fill it with dry corn husks that will have to be cut with new scissors. Sew the pillow with a red thread and place it on the bed, on top of his pillow.

From there, keep watching, until one day he sleeps on that pillow. When this happens, ask the ear, very gently, what its secrets are. Repeat the order three times.

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Whether asleep or awake, he will gradually begin to reveal his secrets. She must be careful, because he will never say that he will tell her a secret.

sympathy 3

When your husband or wife is sleeping, take his or her slippers and place them in the shape of a cross over the person’s chest. Then you can ask whatever question you want and he or she will answer with the greatest sincerity in the world. You will simply miss the truth.

sympathy 4

On the first day of the Waning Moon, take a pan with three liters of water to the fire, along with three spoons of honey. When the water boils, put his pillowcase inside and let it boil for fifteen minutes. After that time, remove the pillowcase and wash it normally. Take a cup of water from the pan and throw the rest away. Put the water from the glass back in the pot, along with a pinch of refined salt. Let it reduce in low fire until dry, stirring at the end so it doesn’t burn. Scrape what’s at the bottom of the pan and put it in the glass. Book for the night. At night, put the washed pillowcase back on the pillow, and when your husband goes to sleep, turn the shoes he wore during the day with the soles up, sprinkling two pinches of the scraps from the pan on them. Repeat for three consecutive nights and soon you will begin to know the secrets you so desire.

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