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Discover 10 tips for achieving happiness

“It is as easy to feel happiness as it is to define it.” – Marquis of Marica.

What is the value of your happiness? As the lingo of that credit card commercial said, “your happiness is priceless”. When we talk about happiness, feeling happy and being happy, we automatically remember good feelings, being happy, loving and not having problems.

Having no problems can be kind of utopian. But there is a popular saying that says: “Happiness does not mean the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them. For you to be happy, you don’t have to have the best, but make what you have better.”

So let’s be happy and live our lives to the full, seeking to live happily.

For this, we have to be selfish, think about ourselves first and then about others. Its ugly? Is not cool? And how am I going to look at others when I do what they want?

Will I have to say ‘no’ to everyone?

Yes and no. To be happy and have happiness, you must first think of yourself. This does not mean that you will live with other people and share. What you are going to do is live your life and do what you love, in partnership with other people.

Happiness begins when you live happily, are at peace, are grateful for being alive and please the most important person in your life: you.

Don’t give up your happiness. It is priceless and if you lose it, conquering it takes work. “But I don’t know how to be happy. What am I supposed to do?”

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As happiness can vary from person to person, I chose a text by Roberto Shinyashikique that talks about the 10 steps or tips to have happiness.

1- Enjoy your company more. Learn to live happily even alone. Invite a friend to the movies, but if you can’t find someone available, go with the most fascinating person in the world: yourself.

2- Have high spirits. Competent people are those who manage to maintain a positive attitude even in the most difficult times.

3- Live with passion. Try to be around people with joie de vivre and stay away from low-spirited individuals, those who dry up even rue and pepper.

4- Workout with pleasure and take good care of your body. Food, sleep and exercise are essential for a healthy life. Liking yourself means liking others and leaving the door open for them to like us too.

5- Invest in yourself every day. We are the architects of our personality. When a person is born, God gives him an infinite potential that few people take advantage of.

6- Celebrate the victories. Share your success with loved ones. Even small achievements should be celebrated with joy. Scream, cry, fill yourself with energy for the next challenges.

7- Have a spiritual life. Talking with God is the best, especially to thank the gifts received. Keep the habit of praying before bed, it’s good for sleep and even better for the soul. Prayer and meditation are forces of inspiration.

8- Make time for the important people in life. Children, wives, husbands, parents and siblings are the people who will be with you in the best and worst moments of your life.

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9- Have winning friends. Champions speak of and with champions. Losers only touch the losers key. The “tell me who you hang out with” is still valid, more than ever.

10- Say goodbye to those who don’t deserve you. Feeding relationships that only bring suffering is a cruel form of masochism. Don’t let inconsistent relationships get in the way of your life. Leave the space free for a new love.

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