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Know your Egyptian protector

In 2769 a. C., the sage Imhotep created a calendar with 365 days, divided into twelve months under the protection of 12 deities. The Egyptian year began on the 16th of July, when the star Sirius appeared on the horizon of Memphis. To find out which deity protects you, see the table related to the day of your birth below.

July 16th to August 15th – Ra
August 16th to September 15th – Neit
September 16th to October 15th – Maat
October 16th to November 15th – Osiris
November 16th to December 15th – Hathor
December 16th to January 15th – Anubis
January 16th to February 15th – Bastet
February 16th to March 15th – Taueret
March 16th to April 15th – Sekhmet
April 16th to May 15th – Ptah
May 16th to June 15th – Tot
June 16th to July 15th – Isis

Ra: considered as the phoenix itself, would be the father of all other gods. Legend has it that one day, her eye-who lived independently-went out of her control. He ordered to bring him back, however, a fight ensued. Many tears were shed, human beings were born. From then on, Ra placed his eye in front of his crown in the form of a serpent, to command the whole world.

Characteristics: whoever is born under this protection has strength, power and a lot of creativity. He is a great leader, outgoing and full of energy. He likes to face difficult situations and always manages to overcome them. Like the sun, he knows how to centralize power and everything seems to revolve around him. When thwarted, he can become depressed, but afterwards, he shines again like the star king.

Neit: goddess of the hunt, she is represented as a wolf, vigilant and always faithful. She is responsible for protecting the gods and their abodes. She is also called “the lady who opens the way”, as her task is to guide people to the realm of the dead. In other legends, she is the protector of children’s education, weavers and housework. She is symbolized as a woman with the head of a jackal or a dog. The prestige of the goddess was so great that even the pharaohs revered her as their own mother. Renowned for her wisdom, she has been revered for centuries.

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Characteristics: your protégé has great analytical skills, a sense of organization and patience. The person born in this period is careful, practical and pays attention to details. He is always very attentive to what happens around him and manages to achieve everything he wants, because the source of happiness is synonymous with serenity and security. The keyword is balance. He knows how to give value to each thing conquered.

Maat: daughter of the god Ra, occupies a very important place in the Egyptian pantheon, as she was transmuted into the feather used to weigh the hearts of those who entered the realm of the beyond. She is considered the goddess of balance, benefits and justice. She also symbolizes divine creation and the strength of union, without which the inhabitants could not even exist. Characteristics: the protégé of this goddess is endowed with extreme capacity for observation, wisdom and manages to generate harmony around him. She has an affable temperament and aesthetic sense. He usually becomes famous in the career he chooses. The only problem is that sometimes he is insecure in the love relationship, but in the end everything goes well. A person very dear to everyone, she is considered extremely wise and fair.

Osiris: the most important god in Egyptian mythology, king of the gods, he justly ruled Egypt, but his brother Set murdered him. Isis managed, with her magical powers, to make him revive. After his resurrection, Osiris and Isis begat Horus. Osiris is, therefore, the god of renewal, of everything that dies and is reborn, representing the eternal cycle of life. Characteristics: his feeling is tremendously strong and has an unusual persistence. Gifted with great energy, he can withstand all difficulties and is always willing to fight for what he wants. Jealous and suspicious if he can’t control himself. He may end relationships overnight without giving any explanations. Possessing a lot of intuition, when well channeled he has the possibility of becoming an excellent researcher or medium.

Hathor: considered a great priestess, she is the goddess of music, dance, pleasure and love. She appears in the paintings as a sacred cow, a woman with a cow’s head, a queen with cow’s ears or with a crown made up of two large horns and a sun disk in the middle. She is also considered as the goddess of joy, being represented with a rattle in her hand.

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Characteristics: highly loving, always cheerful and protects those born against any kind of annoyance. People born in this period have an immense sense of humor. He is attracted to big ideas, he likes change, and what makes him anxious is loneliness. He is made for success.

Anubis: guide of the dead, his function was to accompany them until their last journey and then weigh their souls in the balance of truth. Thus he delivered his verdict for salvation or punishment, and none escaped his sentences. Guardian of the goddess Isis, he was the one who provided the medicines to cure Osiris. Characteristics: Anubis’ protégé is endowed with great willpower, intelligence and patience. He has healing gifts and knows how to lead his destiny. Faithful, self-assured, he doesn’t like people invading his privacy. Persevering, thrifty, a great administrator, he has just the right sense of justice.

Bastet: one of the wives of the god Ra, she was represented as a cat and therefore was much admired for her vigor and agility. In the paintings, she appeared as a woman with the head of a feline with a rattle in her hand, carrying a basket, which defended her husband against evil snakes.

Characteristics: your protégé is a kind, cordial person and is always willing to protect others. Quite independent, just like a feline, it values ​​its freedom and does only what it wants. Fun, attractive, seductive, he has gifts for art, cinema and theater. He is sometimes shown to be a bit rebellious, even eccentric to others.

Taueret: its representation is a female hippopotamus, considered as the protector of pregnant women, of births and of those who could be reborn from the realms of the dead. The legend said that when it sank into the waters of the Nile, these rose and, thus, its banks became arable, bringing abundance in the crops. She is symbolized with the breasts of a woman, the paws of a lioness and the tail of a crocodile.

Characteristics: Your protégé tends to have a lot of intuition and is usually fond of subjects related to the area of ​​esotericism, occultism, astrology, etc. He has a great capacity for understanding and his life is usually devoted to helping his family and neighbors. Everything in your life is very well planned and used; moreover, it guarantees the good of those closest to them.

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Sekhmet: goddess of war, destroyed the enemies of Ra. Very powerful, she is represented as a lion-headed woman wearing a crown with a solar disk. Characteristics: The proteges of the goddess Sekhmet have great vitality and physical strength. She is gifted with a lot of personal magnetism as well as physical strength. She has a great sense of organization, dynamism and is always involved in daring ventures. She is not afraid of anything. The only thing she has to watch out for is the uncontrolled impulse to quickly resolve everything in love affairs.

Ptah: god of male fertility, he was considered as the great builder of fine arts and artists. He was also called The Great Builder or the Divine Craftsman. In his animal form, he was a black ox with a white triangular patch on his forehead and had an oracular function; he was associated with the Apis ox. Characteristics: Ptah’s protégé has a strong temper, is persevering and generally develops talents in art and all things related to construction, architecture and engineering. Happiness for those born in this period must also be associated with the knowledge of spirituality, otherwise they can live in eternal dissatisfaction. He is quite demanding when it comes to love.

Thoth: represented as a man with the head of an ibis, the sacred bird, is considered to be the creator of speech and the inventor of writing. He is also the god of time, measurements and all sciences. Characteristics: With great communication skills and quick intelligence, your protégé has an agile, nervous nature and is constantly changing. He can’t stay still. He always invents things to do, say or adapt to what his intelligence has not yet mastered; he loves the art of overcoming.

Isis: had a privileged place in the Egyptian pantheon, as she married Osiris and had a son with him, Horus. Characteristics: endowed with great sensitivity and imagination, those born in this period have a strong paternal or maternal instinct and are always ready to help the needy. Your protege is faithful and understanding to everyone. He likes home life and is quite sentimental. She is also quite kind.

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