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Kaleidoscope is a perfect metaphor for the soul, says psychic

Playful, aesthetic, captivating, always on the move: this is the kaleidoscope, an object that teaches a lot to those who seek self-knowledge. A few colored grains, little more than a dozen beads, reflected in a mirror, create a myriad of possibilities.

Before exploring this idea further, a quick assessment of the object itself. The kaleidoscope, a small artifact, draws attention, in this world full of electronics and electronics, for its handmade aspect. Nobody knows where or who produces it. It carries with it the reputation of not being able to be acquired. It’s something you can’t buy. Must be given as a gift. We hope, then, that at some point in life, someone will grace us with one of them.

Just a little tube. But, instigating, she seems to incessantly invite: “come and help fulfill my superior plan”. Mesmerized, we spend, without noticing, hours on end getting and losing, forming and transforming luminous images. Insistent, frenetic repetition, bearing an important lesson: beauty, infinite — since each turn of the gear can present an even more colorful and pleasant image — is also precarious, marked by the provisional.

The structure in question is a perfect metaphor for the soul. Mirrors reward us with different possibilities, singular, unique designs. But what we have is not the essence but the appearance, an appearance that transcends matter and makes thought wander along unknown paths. However, let’s not forget, all the visual richness that amazes us in this experience is generated, in depth, by very simple and small particles.

We are facing, exactly, the mechanism of our personal growth. Two or three modest qualities – a little bit of good energy, a little bit of serenity – project an intense and dynamic glow onto our daily lives.

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Do I need to say more? Let’s look at life as a kaleidoscope and not an iron hammer. Accept the fragility that characterizes everything. Letting things, even the small ones, dazzle us. Enjoy the ecstasy of every scene. Gratefully sip the sacred from each drop. All this enraptured magic understood the poet from Paraná, Helena Kolody: “My eyes pray when they contemplate beauty”.

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