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Learn to conquer the loved one of each sign

Oh the love! When two people fall in love It seems like they even live life in a different way, doesn’t it? However, before this “happily ever after” happens, the couple may face some adversities, especially when someone in the pair doesn’t seem that interested (yet!) in living this relationship.

In these cases, astrology can give a little help to conquer the loved one, see? If you think you match your crush, check his sign and check out the astral tip below!

Conquer the loved one of each sign


This is a daring sign, quite intense and exudes good humor and security in everyday life. He knows how to involve the other and takes the initiative without problems. To top it off, he likes adventures and strong emotions. That’s why he wants to have someone with the same enthusiasm and opinion at his side.

Conquest trick: show confidence, sincerity, happiness and interest in what your partner says. If you’ve already attracted the person, don’t keep picking on them and avoid provocation, as Aries are usually a little “hot”, which can lead to some fights. Spice up the relationship, but let him/her command the intimacy. The good news is that conquering this sign is no impossible mission, see?


He is looking for someone to share his life with, but he can also be stubborn and possessive, in order to try to control the steps of the loved one. On the other hand, it is sensual and very faithful. He likes to seduce slowly and prefers serious romance to passing flings. A determined person, who passes security, is everything you are looking for.

Conquest trick: take it easy on this relationship! It’s worth showing that you have several things in common and that you’re someone faithful. When the Taurus person falls for your lip, have a game of waist to deal with the jealousy and stubbornness of the pair. In addition, it is worth investing in warm moments in bed.


This sign is very communicative and high-spirited. When someone wins his heart, he takes the romance with enthusiasm and respect, no strings attached. He likes happy companies, who have good conversation and know how to enjoy life. They also value getting involved with those who enjoy their playful ways.

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Conquest trick: talk! To conquer the sign, show good humor, interest in the person’s things and avoid jealousy. If you have already seduced your partner, let your imagination run free and move away from the routine of romance, especially at the H time.


Cancer people are very affectionate and romantic. When he loves, he likes to take care of and protect the person. She always surprises, as she loves to make the pair happy. She prefers a discreet company, that shows her feelings and gives her heart certainties.

Conquest trick: Take it easy and make it clear from the start that you want serious romance with them. Pay attention and, to conquer the sign once and for all, show that you only have eyes for them and be sure to show support for their victories. In intimacy, create a romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy to the fullest.


Confidence and vanity are inborn characteristics of a Leo. Not afraid to show what he feels, he knows how to please those he loves, but he wants to feel love and desire in the same intensity. Therefore, he likes to seduce and earn praise from the loved one. When he enters a relationship, he is faithful and lives everything intensely.

Conquest trick: take care of the production to get his/her attention and be sure to show that you have attitude. Just don’t shine brighter than him, okay? To ensure seduction, show that you respect the relationship and are faithful. Be sure to congratulate the person on their achievements and praise them at the right time, Leos love it!


Demanding and sincere, you don’t take initiatives, even if you’re falling in love with the person. He prefers to chat and show his feelings in a more subtle way. He likes quiet relationships and good conversations, those where someone else pays attention to what he says. In the end, conquering the sign can become a real mission.

Conquest trick: show that you are smart and have no frills. To be successful, leave no doubt about what you want, as the Virgo person values ​​a serious bid. Another advice is to be responsible in the day to day of the relationship to win the Virgo heart. Be patient and don’t get involved with his detailed and critical way, ok?


Sign full of charm and who loves romance. He pays close attention to the person’s appearance and qualities and does not save praise when something pleases him. He likes to see the person he loves well dressed and that he is kind and loving. When he loves, he gets completely involved and does everything he can to keep the feeling alive.

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Conquest trick: bet on a stylish and tidy look to win the heart of this sign. Be sensitive, show affection and, above all, get along with the Libra person’s friendships. Don’t skimp on romanticism and complicity. Try not to get angry with Libra’s indecision and avoid rudeness so as not to disturb the relationship.


Scorpios know well how to seduce. The mysterious and even calm way of this sign hides quite intense feelings. It’s only when you’re with the right person that you release your true emotions. Likes deep and warm relationships. This sign believes that passion goes hand in hand with physical delivery.

Conquest trick: invest in your charm, sensuality and sincerity. Make him/her feel wanted. Lavish romance and be patient with Scorpio’s jealous ways. And use all your creativity at the time of intimacy to conquer the heart of the sign once and for all!


He loves adventures and is very optimistic. He is always at ease with life and loves to have fun, getting away from the monotony. His feelings are intense, but they change quickly. He likes to live his passion with freedom and without demands. As he has an unbeatable zest, he wants to try and do unusual things with the person he loves.

Conquest trick: show that you are fun and detached. It is also important to be a companion and have the courage to accompany him/her. To conquer the pair of the sign, keep the sameness away from the relationship. Explore your creativity in moments together and try to respect each other’s space!

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When it comes to conquering the sign, Capricorn is reserved and discreet. He knows what he wants and makes an effort to ensure the well-being of his love, but he doesn’t show what he feels. Likes stability and security. Therefore, she is looking for a responsible, faithful person who wants to live a lasting romance.

Conquest trick: show that you go after what you want and be ready to support your partner, in addition to showing interest in having something more serious. Show companionship and make it clear that you want to have a promising future with the person. Finally, don’t try to arouse jealousy in this sign!


This sign is creative and likes to be different. As he is rational, he does not usually squander romanticism, but he always finds a way to please those he loves. He likes a happy romance without routine, so he values ​​independent people, who respect the freedom of both and who don’t care about rules.

Conquest trick:first, win the friendship of the sign person. So, show that you have a good conversation, have your life and don’t like prejudice. Avoid making demands and jealousy scenes. Always be ready to talk about everything and bet on news, including in bed.


He is very sensitive and takes matters of the heart seriously. She seeks her soul mate and wants to live an eternal love. She enjoys serious romance and enjoys expressing her feelings. On the other hand, she is looking for someone to be by her side for whatever comes, who wants to always be together.

Conquest trick: be kind and bet on your creativity. Show your feelings and make it clear that you want to live an intense passion. Another tip to conquer the sign is to show that you are ready to listen to him/her. Try to reciprocate the affection and attention that the Pisces person gives you, being by your side and declaring the love you feel. It is also important to lavish love on intimacy.

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