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What does it mean to put a coconut under the bed (spiritual meaning)

The coconut holds deep spiritual significance, particularly in Hinduism. In Vedanta, man is described as comprising the Material Body (physical body), the Subtle Body (the mind relating to the world), the Causal Body (a higher state of mind), and the Atman (soul/True Self).

  • The smooth outer skin represents the gross body.
  • The tangled coconut fiber within symbolizes the desires and attachments of the mind to the outside world.
  • The hard shell stands for the Causal Body.
  • The white core represents the Self.
What does it mean to put a coconut under the bed

The process of preparing a coconut for offerings involves removing the fiber, leaving a tuft resembling a human head. When the coconut is broken, it symbolizes the rupture of the ego. The inner juice, signifying inner tendencies (vaasanas), is offered along with the white grain (representing the mind) to the Lord, purifying the mind for sacred use.

Moreover, just as the coconut is the fruit of an action, our actions lead to specific outcomes, including a new set of desires.

In Latin America, the coconut is viewed as a protective shell against negative energies.

What Does it Mean to Put a Coconut Under the Bed?

Using a coconut for protection involves the following steps:

  1. Select a medium-sized coconut and wash it thoroughly.
  2. Leave it in the sun for three days.
  3. Place it under the bed 30 minutes before sleeping.
Coconut under a bed

Keep the coconut under the bed for a month, then replace it with a new one following the same procedure. If the coconut becomes excessively dry or changes in appearance, it likely absorbed negative energies and should be disposed of far from your home.

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The Significance of a Buried Coconut

Discovering a buried coconut in an unexpected location necessitates careful extraction. You’ll need:

  • A black bag
  • Plastic gloves
  • A shovel
  • Holy water


  1. Sprinkle the coconut with holy water while praying to Saint Michael the Archangel.
  2. Place it in the bag, ensuring nothing escapes (often, in such cases, the coconut contains elements from a ritual).
  3. Securely tie the bag and transport it to the most remote, uninhabited place available.
  4. Leave the bag there, without looking back.

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