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How to Consecrate a Candle

Most white magic rituals use candles because they are tools that project a special power. They represent illumination, life and the force of the four elements of nature that open the ways to achieve the goals we desire. Learn here an easy way to consecrate a candle.

How to Consecrate a Candle
How to Consecrate a Candle

In certain traditions, the candles must be purified and consecrated before being used in a ritual for magical purposes. By anointing the candles, we are charging them with our intentions and willpower. This is also done to remove all residual energy from anyone who has handled the candles before purchasing them.

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How to use Candles for Spells 

If you prepare the candles yourself for the white magic rituals, they will be more effective and you will obtain better results.

Before casting a spell, we must prepare our tools. Consecrating and purifying the candles and the rest of the elements that we are going to use can be a very important part of a ritual. With this we transmit the energy necessary to achieve the objectives we want and we encourage them to emanate their power.

The rituals will be enhanced and will be more effective if you consecrate your candles with oils.

How to Cleanse and Consecrate a Candle
How to Cleanse and Consecrate a Candle

Cleanse and Consecrate a Candle

What’s the best oil to use to anoint the candles before a ritual? For a white magic spell for love, you can use rose oil. If you want to perform any other type of ritual, you can use olive oil.

How to Consecrate a Candle with Oils

The procedure is very simple, but important for the candle to give us its maximum power. Steps to follow:

1. Rub the oil all over the candle without touching the wick. You can start from the bottom and work your way up or start from the top and go down. Note: There are as many opinions on this matter as practitioners on earth. A common practice is to rub the fingers up and down to attract something, or rub them from the bottom up to banish or repel something.

2. As you rub in the oil, visualize your desire and how it will manifest. Take a minute or two to focus on this.

How to Consecrate a  Candle
How to Consecrate a Candle

3. State an intention. Ask for the ritual to be successful. The intention is fundamental. You must set an intention for your spell. If you are requesting something, the candle alone will not do the job. It all depends on what you petition and how you do it.

4. When you prepare your candles for the rituals yourself, they will have more power and you will get better results. Your own energy gives power to the ritual.

How to Cleanse, Consecrate and Charge Ritual Tools

Typically, as you collect tools to use in your rituals, you will need to clear the previous energies away.

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Spiritually cleansing an object is exactly what the word implies: you are cleaning it. The difference is that you are not cleaning it on a physical level (although you can certainly do it first). What you are trying to do is purify the object on a spiritual level, on an energetic level.

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Cleansing dissociates elements with their past vibrations. When they were in a factory or a store, people have touched it, transported it, put it on a shelf where they have collected dust, along with many other energies. What we seek is to tune the object with our own energies or ones that lead to our goals.

Ways to Spiritually Cleanse an Amulet

How to consecrate and Cleanse an Amulet
Ways to Cleanse and Consecrtate an Amulet

Choose the method that is more convenient to you:

  • You can burn a cleansing incense (such as Sandalwood, Copal, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Myrrh, Sage) and pass the object through the smoke.
  • Place the object in a container with salt or soil or bury the object directly in the ground for some time.
  • You can keep it under running water from a natural source or leave it to soak in salt water (preferably Moon water and sea salt)
  • You can pass the object quickly through the flame of a candle.

How to Consecrate a Magical Tool

Consecration: Consecration brings the energy and even the spirit of the person who performs the consecration to the tool or object. You can consecrate anything: your jewelry, your tools, your amulets or talismans, even your house. Consecrating an object means elevating its purpose to a spiritual one through an act of blessing.

You must rememberthat once consecrated, the object is sacred and you must treat and respect it as such“.

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Some ways to consecrate an object:

  • State an affirmation with the spiritual use of the object and the intended purpose.
  • Anoint the object with oils that are also cleansed, charged, and consecrated.
  • You can consecrate with Air, Earth, Fire and Water in a blessing ritual: (pass it through the flames, through the smoke of the incense, sprinkle with salt or spray water on it).
How to Consecrate an Amulet
How to Consecrate an Object

How to Charge a Ritual Tool

By charging something you are impregnating it with your energy so that it is aligned with a specific intention. For this, you must raise your own energy level and then direct it towards the object. There are several ways to charge an object, it depends on your preferences and the object in question. For example, when working on Candle Magic, you can charge the candle to align it with the purpose of the spell.

How to Charge a Ritual Tool
How to Charge a Ritual Tool

This energy charge requires generating some energy and directing it towards the object. Again, the method you choose may largely depend on your preferences or the item you are charging. Let’s see some examples:

  • Rub the candles with oil repeatedly.
  • Dance, sing, meditate, to boost your energy and then pour that energy into the object with a visualization technique.
  • Place the object in the sun for an hour to charge it with the sun’s energy.
  • Put the object under the full moon through the night to charge it with lunar power.
  • Place the object on an energy crystal for a day or a few days to absorb its energy.
  • Feel free to create a method entirely of your own that fulfills your goal in the best way for you and your belief system.
How to Consecrate a Candle
How to Consecrate a Candle

Like consecration, charging is not always necessary. For example, I wouldn’t charge all of my jewelry just because I’m wearing it; you can just cleanse them. If I primarily use a piece for a certain spell or ritual, I would cleanse it and consecrate it. If I wanted to use it as an amulet or talisman, I would charge it.

The Magic Power of Candles in Love Spells

Candles are not only used as decorations and scents that complement home decor. In different cultures and religions there are rituals that use them to evoke spirituality since they symbolize the light of the universe and the element of fire.

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You should know how to differentiate the power that they emanate according to their color. In this way, you will channel the appropriate energies in aspects such as love, home and work.

Lighting Candles for Love

The Magic Power of Candles in Love Spells
The Magic Power of Candles in Love Spells

The color associated with love is red. However, if what you want is to attract the ideal person or prosperity with your partner, the ideal color will be pink. Red is recommended when the purpose is to enhance the sexual aspect, passion and romance. At home, place a few pink and red flower-scented candles. It will help to maintain harmony in love, not only as a couple, but with the family.

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Candles Colors at Home

The Magic Power of Candles in Love Spells
The Magic Power of Candles in Spells

Candles illuminate the home from two aspects: on the earthly and spiritual levels. If we want to harmonize the house, we should burn white or lilac candles, or those that have vanilla or sandalwood essence. Try to do it in the morning, in this way you will feel the calm environment throughout the day. To ward off bad vibes and bad energies, it is recommended to light one with a coconut scent, and cinnamon scent if you want protection.

What is Color Magic?

The magic of color is used to invoke a magical response. You can decorate your house with different colored objects to create different vibrations of energy. If you place flowers you will see how the family mood changes. Who would say that home decor is associated with witchcraft?

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Candles to Elevate your Workspace

Work is related to economic prosperity, success and intelligence, so we can alternate the lighting of yellow candles with green and orange ones. Burning candles may not be allowed in your workspace. You can light a candle before going to work in the morning or while having breakfast. If you run a business and want to attract customers, light a coffee scented candle. Scented candles can be a good solution to change bad vibes in the office. When your office needs a stimulant, a scented candle with a good fragrance can be an immediate solution to face a tough workday.

Candles to Elevate your Workspace. Consecrate Candles
Candles to Elevate your Workspace

Candle Magic: The Meanings of Colors

Read on to explore how candles are used in spells of Magic.

Colors provide different types of vibrations that can affect body, soul and spirit. When a spell is performed, it is common to use materials of a certain color, for example, a red shirt, a white candle, a green ribbon, a white rose or black paper. Each tonality has a specific purpose since they have different vibrations. If you understand the energies that are associated to each color, you can perform a specific spiritual work according to Magic and witchcraft.

Witchcraft and The Meaning of Colors

Red: Represents the spirit, what is alive. This color is used in spells of passion, love and sexual desire. It is also related to situations of power, vitality, strength and energy. A red candle will bring vigor and sexual energy to an existing relationship. It’s ideal when you need a push to start a new project or ignite a passionate love.

White: It is the color of the spirit, body and soul. It means purity, clarity and is used in any white magic spell. Light a white candle every day to bring clarity and purify energies. Help improve the spiritual vibrations of your home or work. It serves to relieve tension and to focus on your life goals. White candles symbolize positive energy, purity, and goodwill. They can be used as a substitute for any other color.

Yellow: It is associated with the body, with the material. It is used in rituals for success, joy and our attitudes towards life. It is also associated with intelligence, mental purity, and spirituality. A yellow candle will help you strengthen your focus and powers of visualization during a Magic ritual. This color is used to stimulate mental clarity and awareness.

Candle Magic: The Meaning of Colors

Blue: It is the color of the soul. It symbolizes peace, harmony, wisdom and depth. People looking to connect with their spirituality light blue candles because it brings them harmony. It is used to seek inner peace.

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Orange: Represents the body and spirit. It is a warm and stimulating color. It is widely used to increase motivation, achieve positive results that involve high mental performance and is effective in attraction rituals. They promote positive thinking, justice, courage, and change.

Green: Green is the color of growth. It is associated with the body and soul. This color is used in rituals of growth, fertility, prosperity and independence. You can work with green candles for the restoration of health, healing of the body and soul, invoking the healing energies of nature or any personal goal that requires development and renewal.

Violet: It represents the soul and spirit. Purple is considered a very esoteric color. It is the color of occultism and magic. It symbolizes spiritual development, psychic powers, and expanded consciousness. Used for rituals where respect is desired and for job interviews. Light a purple candle for meditation, for introspection, or even for a deep transformation. Purple candles are used for summons and changes. If you need to perform a deep cleaning, transform a very important aspect of your life, or even ask for a miracle, a purple candle is your best ally.

Black: It is the absence of light, important to invoke silence, for example, rituals to avoid gossip and not to interfere in our life. It is also used in spells of estrangement, separation and the occult. Black candles can also absorb hostility, curses, negative spells, and other dark energies that surround us. These candles are powerful and protective. If you treat them with respect, they will always work in your favor.

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