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What Is White Magic?

Used since ancient times, White Magic was performed by sorcerers and witches endowed with great powers to practice this type of magic and thus overcome any evil that might come. It is considered that white magic or white witchcraft could positively benefit anyone to whom it was addressed. So, what is White Magic?

What is White Magic?

What is White Magic?

What is White Magic?

When people talk about white magic, then they usually refer to healing or helping people through magical spells. It is common to follow this standard for colors in our book of spells:

  • Red: Love
  • Green: Money
  • Black: Death
  • White: Healing.

This is the most common arrange, but it is not necessary. An important thing to remember is that all magic is magic, and in reality, there is no such thing as dark magic or good magic.

Learn about the colors of the candles here: Spells with candles: Introduction and color guide.

White Magic you can practice yourself

White Magic, also known as the right path, is the most practiced type of magic by the sorcerers who are beginning their path in the Arts. It can be practiced by anyone without the need to be an expert of the occult sciences, just by knowing the procedures and the exact steps of the ritual, and especially the intention and meaning behind it.

White Magic can be used for various reasons. The important thing is always the good predisposition of the person performing the rituals, coupled with positive feelings and pure intention, which will fill the environment with the energy necessary to achieve effectiveness.

Ritual Magick

This type of magic has always been used to protect oneself or a third party against any kind of negativity, to bless people or places, to break curses or black magic spells, and more. The truth is that it has many uses, and the complexity varies depending on what one is wanting to achieve.

What is White Magic?

What is White Magic?

The rituals of white magic always use everyday objects, candles, coins, allegorical elements relating to the desired intention. If it is love, there will be candles, typically red, that symbolize passion. If it is to ask for abundance there may be coins or usually rice, symbolizing prosperity.

The power of faith is immense, many people doing a ritual of white magic have felt that now they could succeed (before also only they did not have the confidence) and that has given them the strength to achieve their goals.

Differences between White Magic and Black Magic

If we were to distinguish one of the main differences between white and black magic is that the first is beneficial and the second evil. In addition, black magic invokes inferior beings for their purposes, that is, demons or entities, or negative forces in general. White magic resorts to angelic beings, saints and other entities of higher spectrums.

White magic also differs from black magic in that it is used to obtain beneficial results such as healing, attracting prosperity, blessing a house, property or business, etc. While black magic is used to do someone harm, to take revenge on an enemy, to ruin the competition, etc.

Although, sometimes, black magic is used to get things that white magic could provide, believing that black is more powerful or faster. But, according to the natural laws of the world of magic, you always pay a price, in some aspect of life, when you use black magic.

How to Perform White Magic

Preparations to make white magic

It is necessary to remember that in any magical act one manipulates a certain energy, in the case of white magic this will be mostly light, but it cannot be improvised. Before starting, it is highly recommended that the person is mentally and physically clean. Also, you will need a special space at home for it, try to be in a room where you can relax and nothing else will bother you. It can be a whole separate room or a small place in your bedroom, where you can work without having any distraction. Cover the table with a white tablecloth, as it represents spiritual peace.

According to your needs, you will need specific materials and ingredients but mainly the necessary and most basic ones are:

What is White Magic

What is White Magic?

  • An altar.
  • Candles (in different colors).
  • Incenses.
  • Quartz.
  • Sea salt.
  • Oils.
  • A dagger.
  • A glass or a cup of wine.
  • Perfumes.

It is not necessary to have all of these, but it is advisable. One must also be aware of the day, and the ruling planet to perform any ritual.

Sunday: It is ruled by the sun and its sign is Leo. It is advisable to perform any work that is linked to peace, happiness, health, spiritual harmony on this day. It also serves to those who ask for greater income, to achieve a job promotion and is excellent if you want to succeed in any business project.

Monday: It is ruled by the moon and its sign is Cancer. It is a good day for rituals related to the home (for example cleansing of negative energies), it is also good on this day to ask for protection for any kind of travel.

Tuesday: It is ruled by the planet Mars and its signs are Aries and Scorpio. It is an excellent day to harmonize everything related to masculine vibration: Sports, uncontrolled lust, physical endurance. It is also recommended for those who have sexual problems.

Wednesday: It is ruled by the planet Mercury and its signs are Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is characterized by powerfully representing communication, therefore this day is favorable for everything related to learning, mental ability, creativity.

Thursday: It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and its signs are Sagittarius and Pisces. On this day, rituals related to everything that has to do with money will be effective: Finding a job, salary raises, investments, etc. It is also related to justice, and luck in general.

Friday: It is ruled by the planet Venus and its signs are Taurus and Libra. It is good to perform any rituals related to love: Finding a new partner, getting a lover back, improving the relationship, etc.

Saturday: It is ruled by the planet Saturn and its signs are Capricorn and Aquarius. On this day, it is good to perform rituals related to mysteries, wisdom, etc. It can also be used to remove the negative energy product of curses or spiritual attacks or to eradicate bad behaviors in ourselves.


To achieve the necessary concentration before and during a White Magic Ritual, meditation is often useful. It helps us keep a clear mind about the intended purposes and desired effects, which is key to getting effective results. Meditation itself helps you to know yourself better.

White Magic for Love

White magic candle (1)

White magic candle

Love rituals and love spells with White Magic can help you to:

  1. Remove the negativity that surrounds both you and your partner. Sometimes a relationship is breaking in part by the influence of third parties: family, friends, an ex, who want you to break up. With the help of white magic a spiritual cleansing is done so that both your partner and you are free of negative energies.2.- White Magic is pure energy, good, desires good, does not go against destiny, does not go against predestined love.It is possible that your partner is your love for destiny, but has moved away from you because you are confused-a white magic eliminates that confusion, that mental chaos that your partner may have and makes you see things clear

    3 .- In the rituals of love of White Magic NEITHER innocent animals are sacrificed nor appealed to forces of evil. Evil has no place when it comes to LOVE. Mag @ s Blanc @ s respect and love nature, animals and everything that has life. We know the keys to reach true love and apply our knowledge to solve painful ruptures and separations and get it to re-emerge that love that you professed in the past

White Magic in daily life

Learn to perceive the magic that surrounds you, which involves opening your mind and paying attention to the many signals the universe sends you. Feel the energy inside you, because it will be your contact with it, what guarantees a happy outcome once you begin to perform white magic rituals and spells.

The next thing is to keep yourself surrounded by a positive energy all the time. It is not convenient to practice white magic when you are angry or you are surrounded by negative feelings like envy or greed. You must also remember that the practice of white magic is not a game and that you are going to work with forces of nature that you must take seriously.

How to use White Magic to your advantage

Once you have acquired the basic knowledge and possess the necessary implements for the practice of white magic, you can start practicing simple spells and rituals, for which you should keep track in a notebook or journal along with the results of your rituals. So you can evaluate your progress and find any possible mistakes you might be making. Knowing how to learn white magic is also knowing how to know yourself.

As the practice leads you to more complex spells, you should consider joining a group with your same interests or finding a guide that can train you and take you to higher levels in the Arts and handling of the forces of the universe. Before Getting involved with one of these groups or adopting a guide, make sure you feel comfortable with your practices and that you are having a positive experience.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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