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How to Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

How to Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water
How to Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

Energy is all around us. We may not see it with the naked eye, but we can certainly feel it. Sometimes that energy builds up and the environment becomes dense. It is important to make our sacred spaces look more like us so they will positively influence our moods. If you’re cleaning up the clutter at home, then why not take care of your energetic clutter?

Negative energies, or bad vibes, are similar to acoustic waves whose echo can affect your family, your pets, all objects in the home and yourself. Negative energies are easy to feel and there are ways and methods to remove them. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get rid of the bad vibes and remove them completely from your system.

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There are those who assure that the more harmonious and clean our houses are, the greater prosperity, health and success will come.

There are many rituals, techniques and methods that can help you get rid of all negative energy and bad vibes in your home.

What is Negative Energy?

Do you feel that there is a dense or heavy atmosphere in your house? Are there conflicts or fights between the family members? Bad luck, illness, maybe your finances dwindle or your plants dry up for no reason. Are there chronic health problems in the family? All of this may be a sign that negative energy abounds around you.

Bad Vibes: What is Negative Energy?
Bad Vibes? What is Negative Energy?

Easy Ways to get rid of the Bad Vibes

Bad vibes or negativity can come from anyone who walks through the doorstep. It can be your partner, children, acquaintances, neighbors and of course yourself. You may even be surrounded by bad vibes from the people who lived there before you.

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Our home is like a sponge: It absorbs all energy (good and bad) that the people who live there emanate. All that energy is deposited on the walls, furniture, rugs or carpets, the ceiling and any decorations. Everything is accumulating in corners and small spaces flooding with good or bad vibes.

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How to Get Rid of The Negative Energy

Getting into the habit of eliminating negativity around you can make your space feel healthier, lighter, and brighter.

With a simple ritual using almost no ingredients, you can free yourself from all negativity in your home.

Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water
Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

Today I want to teach you one of the simplest techniques, with common ingredients that we all have at home.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 glass (it must be completely transparent)
  • White vinegar
  • Sea salt
  • Water (optionally, consecrated or Moon Water)
How to Remove Bad with a glass of water: Easy Recipe.
How to Remove Bad Vibes with a glass of water: Recipe

A simple glass of water can help you determine if there is a lot of negative energy in a room and if so, you can get to work: cleanse it and invite good vibes.

How to get Rid of the Negative Energy with a Glass of Water
How to get Rid of the Negative Energy with a Glass of Water

In order for it to work well, make sure to choose a clear glass, without any scratches and of course, that is not broken or cracked anywhere. It should be perfectly clean and without any marks on it.

Clearing Bad Energy from Your Home

1. The first ingredient you need is sea salt. It is essential that it is sea salt and not another kind, like refined salt. The natural salt of the ocean has great powers of protection and purification and is fundamental in many rituals. Here are some ways you can use it throughout your home:

Carefully fill your glass about a third of the way with pure sea salt.

Sea Salt great powers of protection and purification
Sea Salt great powers of protection and purification

2. White vinegar and lemon juice. This is an excellent combination to eliminate negative energies from all sides. We will fill another third of the glass with it.

How to Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water
How to Remove Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

3. You can use Moon Water to enhance its cleansing power. It is very easy to prepare. Learn how to make Moon Water it here.

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Energy Clearing for Places and People

Now, place the glass with the three ingredients inside the room that you want to clean or where you feel that the energy is the heaviest. Leave it there making sure nothing or no one touches it for an entire day.

Hide the glass. Do not leave it in view of everyone. For example, you can put it on top of a tall piece of furniture or under the bed, if it is your bedroom that you want to cleanse. Hide it well. DO NOT leave it within the reach of children. Prevent someone from drinking it by mistake.

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State an Intention for your Home

This is very powerful! How do you want your home to feel? Remember that form follows thought. Before you start, set a specific intention for your home, workplace or the space that you need to clean.

Why do you want to remove bad bives from this space? For example, “I clear all negative energy from my home to stay focused and productive” or “I need to release my ex’s energy and feel at peace.” You can express your intention out loud or write it down to start the ritual.

How to Clear Negative Energy

Let it do its job for a whole day. After 24 hours, if you notice that everything is the same as you left it, it means that there were no bad vibes to begin with. On the other hand, if it has bubbles or another visible change has taken place, it means that it is absorbing negative energies.

How to Clear Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water
How to Clear Bad Vibes with a Glass of Water

It is essential that you dispose of all the contents of the glass, preferably outside your home. It can be in a stream or drain, but if you can’t find one, you can flush it down the toilet. This is very important so that this toxic negativity leaves your home.

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Cleanse your home of old negative energy

You can repeat the procedure: Refill the glass with new ingredients and repeat in the room until you notice that everything is clear. Or move rooms and do the process in all the rooms of your house to see where the problem is.

Now, analyze if there are changes in your environment. If you feel like the bad vibes have been removed or that suddenly your luck is changing, it works!

Ways to clear Negative Energy from your Home

Cleanse your home of old negative energy
Cleanse your home of old negative energy

Some Extra Tips

  • You can dissolve sea salt with Moon Water. Place in a spray bottle and spray each room.
  • Place a thin line of sea salt around the perimeter of your property or in your driveway. Cover it with a doormat to prevent negative energy from entering the home.
  • To eliminate negative energies from bathrooms and toilets according to Vastu Shastra, a glass cup full of salt should be kept in bathrooms / toilets.
  • Use the mixture of water with lemon juice, sea salt and white vinegar to clean the doorknobs and windows.
  • Include a small bowl of sea salt on your pagan altar.
  • Dissolve salt in water you use to clean surfaces and floors.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps.

Summary: Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy

You can also improve your life with techniques such as feng shui or Vastu Shastra to improve the harmony of your home. According to the Vedas, the Vastu Shastra considers that the universe is composed of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether and that the design of a building must achieve a balanced relationship between them.

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