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Rituals to Bring Good Luck [and Protection]

Spells for good luck. If you are looking for powerful spells for good luck, you are in the right place. Are you looking for some good spells that will really attract luck, wealth, prosperity and satisfaction in your life? Rituals to bring good luck and protection.💫

Here are some recommendations so that the Universe will bring you many good things! Today you will learn how to make magic spells that really work to attract good fortune and everything you need in your life.

Follow this simple ritual get started today.

Rituals to Bring Good Luck and Protection
Rituals to Bring Good Luck and Protection

Are you not satisfied with what you have in your life?

Are you feeling depressed and need a change in your luck?🍀

We all go through times or moments when we feel that nothing is going well. The truth is that very few people in the world are totally satisfied with their luck.

Rituals to Bring Good Luck
Rituals to Bring Good Luck

On the contrary, most of us have some complaints about shortcomings in life. These difficulties or deficiencies and problems can be due to various causes. For making wrong decisions or personal issues of each one, but both reasons are driven by our luck.

I assure you that you have come to the right place! Before going into details, I want you to be aware and know the truth about what luck is and how good luck spells work.

Simple Rituals to Bring Good Luck and Protection

What is luck? Yes, it is a simple but complicated question and many would be confused when trying to come up with a practical definition.

My knowledge and years of experience have led me to the conclusion that luck is a real thing and can be defined as the moment and the energy where our personal preparedness meets the right opportunity. Capturing these opportunities brings growth, prosperity, and happiness to your life as long as you have the faith necessary to achieve good luck. Therefore, if you want to have the support of good luck, preparing properly is essential.

So, if you want to be successful, a good way to change your reality is to start with a very simple good luck spell that really works!

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Rituals to Bring Good Luck and Protection
Rituals to Bring Good Luck and Protection

And to give you a little help, we have a ritual for which you only need a couple of fairly simple things:

Simple Spell for Good Luck

  • Take a blank piece of paper and write down the first three goals you want to achieve.
  • Think very well about those three things you want to achieve, between your current problem.
  • Don’t take it lightly!
Simple Spell for Good Luck
Simple Spell for Good Luck
  • Think well what you want. Is it a matter of health, financial, career, or love issue?
  • Write down your three goals and then fold the paper into a triangle.
  • Find a Bible and place the folded paper inside Psalm 91.
  • Now, leave the paper inside for exactly 21 days. Do not review it or forget it there!
  • The Bible with the paper should be placed in a high place in your house.
Rituals to Bring Good Luck
Rituals to Bring Good Luck

Clever! It is a fairly simple ritual with which you will attract good luck to your day-to-day.✨

White Magic Witchcraft Spells for Good Luck, Protection and Good Fortune

White Magic Witchcraft Spells for Good Luck, Protection and Good Fortune
White Magic Witchcraft Spells for Good Luck, Protection and Good Fortune

The performing of magic and incantations is an ancient art that was reserved to those in positions of powers and prestige, those who could read the scriptures. But now, these arts are becoming more popular than ever, and we can apply them with practical results.

Nowadays, practices of positive Witchcraft such as good luck spells can make anyone’s luck more favorable. Feel the magical influence as you try these spells for good luck.

And soon you will see how that luck comes to you. Blessings!

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Free Spells for Good Luck that Work Immediately

Recite this spell while in a state of meditation, that is, first empty your mind of all thoughts:

Spirit, Earth, Air, Water and Fire,

Come to me and give me what I want,

Waves of good luck and fortune for me,

Will make my reality effortless,

As I want it, so mote it be”.

Rituals to Bring Good Luck, Protection and Good Fortune

Easy Good Luck Chant

Here’s another spell for good fortune:💵💰

Money, money, little by little coming to me.

As I want it, so mote it be. “

A Good Luck Spell Recipe

This spell needs some preparation:


Hold with the palms of your hands some ground ginger, basil, and cinnamon.

About one teaspoon of each.

Now say out loud the amount of money you need while rubbing your palms very fast.

Good Luck Spells and Money

Popular Spell very effective for good luck and money
Good Luck Spells and Money

Popular spell that is very effective is:

Bad luck turns around, bad luck flees from here.
Good luck and great fortune come to me.

Every time you cast this spell, throw some salt on your left shoulder.

Always keep in mind that the results of these spells can vary from person to person, and also depend on the way they are carried out.

On this same website I explain for free a long list of spells and incantations for love, money, health, protection of loved ones, and much more.

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Blessed be!💜

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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