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How to Attract Good Luck with a Salt Charm

Not only do we generate our own cascade of emotions and energies in our auras, we also collect the energies, emotions and characteristics of the situations that occur around and of nearby auras. And if they are negative they can stick to our auras. How to Attract Good Luck with a Salt Charm.🍀

How to Attract Good Luck with a Salt Charm
How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm

Therefore, if we do not resort to a cleansing of bad energies, they can interfere with our energy and even our relationships. The compatibility between auras is the basis of the attractions (and rivalries) between people.

Good Luck Charm: Witch’s Bottle 

Good Luck Charm: Witch’s Bottle
Good Luck Charm: Witch’s Bottle

The witch’s bottle is a magical tool used since ancient times. You can also mix the salt with warm moon water and put it in a sprinkler to spread throughout the rooms, including the corners and under the furniture. You can help yourself with positive affirmations and lighting a cleansing incense to ward off bad vibes. The Black Sea Salt Witch Bottle Charm is perfect!

Good Luck Charm: Witch's bottle is a magical tool
Good Luck Charm: Witch’s bottle

Lemon Magic to Attract Money & Good Luck

How to Use Black Salt for Protection 

Black salt is an important ingredient in Witchcraft and one that should be in every Witch’s practice.

Within the practice of White Magic, Black Salt is used to ward off negative entities. You should place a pinch in each corner of the room, or at the entrance of the home.

How to Use Black Salt for Protection
How to Use Black Salt for Protection 

Likewise, it is used in the purification of stones, crystals and esoteric objects (amulets, talismans) or as an amulet against envy, when carried in a small glass container.

Anointing a black candle, with the Black Salt, and burning it, constitutes a ritual of purification against negativity. Like drawing a circle around the house, with the preparation, to create a protection.

Sea Salt Powder

Another great power of sea salt is that it is used to clean the crystals 💎 it is consecrated for protection or healing.

IMPORTANT: Be careful because, although many crystals and stones resist sea salt directly, there are others that do not. Do your research beforehand with each particular case.

Sea salt contributes to the renewal of energy, helps ward off bad luck. In addition to throwing spilled salt on your left shoulder that we already mentioned, you can take a bath with sea salt to cleanse the energy and vibration of your body.

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Cleansing Bad Energies with Salt

Soap and perfume will not do here, this is what you will do:

Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath

How to Use Black Salt for Protection
How to Use Black Salt for Protection 

Bath with sea salt or table salt? Salts for Homemade Bath

Add sea salt to bath water (or a shower sponge) when you’re depressed, tired, feeling scattered, or not quite like yourself. Sea salt has incredible cleansing power for your energy body and makes unwanted energy “wash away” with ease. A plate of sea salt on your desk, near the bed, or in the bathroom will help you absorb negative energies and keep you, your workplace and home spiritually clean. 🛀Himalayan sea salt will create a very mineral heavy bath which may add extra benefits for your skin.

Types of Salts To Use for Bath Salts

Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath
Cleansing Bad Energies with Salt

Salt comes in many forms. Iodized table salt (not recommended), sea salt, kosher salt, Himalayan salt are just a few of the many varieties. The primary ingredient in all of these is sodium chloride. However, their differences lie in the size of the crystals, origin, drying style, and any other ingredients that are added to the salt.

How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm

Salt has a long history of use in rituals for purification, magical protection, and blessing. The salt in white magic is an incredibly powerful ingredient. It is much more than a kitchen ingredient, it also has great esoteric power. It is an element of nature that, for centuries, countless civilizations have used it in a large number of rituals. 

Spell with Sea Salt Charm

Salt has always been so valuable that it was even used as payment in the trade of ancient cultures. For example, the Romans paid for daily work with salt, since it was considered a difficult element to extract. That’s where the word salary comes from.

 Salt has numerous mentions in the Bible. It is considered, beyond the economic, as a purifying element.

  • The book of Leviticus requires the Hebrews to pay generously for their offerings as a sign of their covenant with God.
  • While in the Second Book of Kings, the prophet Elisha purifies a river whose waters were toxic by spewing salt.
  • In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls his disciples the “salt of the earth” and the church father Jerome calls the son of God himself the “redeeming salt that penetrates heaven and earth“.
  • This is how, since ancient times, salt has been used in magical and esoteric rituals, using this element basically as a purifying agent and dissipator of negative energies.
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 How to Use Sea Salt for Good Luck

Surely you have heard and even practiced the custom of throwing a handful of salt on the left shoulder to prevent bad luck. This comes from ancient times, when it was believed that if some evil entity approached, it would perch behind our left side. Therefore, by throwing salt on our shoulder, these “demons” would be driven away.

In many ancient cultures, the purifying power of salt comes from its crystalline structure and it is also the easiest crystal to obtain. Its properties help channel energy within our body and our environment.

Salt not only serves to realign the new energies that circulate, but also acts as a conductor of etheric energy. Increases the flow of energy that flows through us and throughout our environment, such as our home.

Table salt has its history and its many esoteric uses. But now let’s see more benefits of sea salt, whose use is frequent in rituals and white magic, especially for the protection of people. Sea salt is obtained from the evaporation of sea water or salt water lakes. Due to its thick and crunchy texture, it is often used in gastronomy for the preparation of various types of recipes. Also, for this same reason it is added to body scrubs and other products. It is important to emphasize that sea salt contains high levels of sodium. Therefore, the consumption recommendations are the same as those for traditional table salt.

How do You Use Salt for Good Luck?

How do You Use Salt for Good Luck?
How do You Use Salt for Good Luck?

The force of the sea attracts regeneration, purification, emotional healing. It is a great ally to keep you protected with your family and you should always have it in your home

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A very basic sea salt protection ritual is to place small containers of pure sea salt in the places you want to purify or where you feel negative energy. For example, at the entrance of your house, since a lot of good and bad energy enters and leaves with each visitor.

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 Wherever you go, take a little sea salt and sprinkle a little salt. If you are sleeping in a hotel you can prepare a cup of salted water and leave it near you. The grains of salt will absorb the negative energy that is concentrated in the places. Then you should change the old salt for fresh once a month. Flush the old salt down the toilet so that all the negative goes away and does not return to your life.

How to Attract Good Luck with a Salt Charm

Finally, another of its benefits is that sea salt helps align and unblock our chakras, those important invisible energy centers in our body. To maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health, the chakras must be balanced in a way that allows energy to flow.

Some disease symptoms are associated with chakra problems. If we clean them with pure sea salt, for example, when bathing, they can help reduce pain. Rub in a counterclockwise direction as you visualize your problem reducing in intensity.

How do You Use Salt for Good Luck?

The Dead Sea salt is amazing, it is a powerful purification ritual – you will sleep soundly and peacefully afterwards. So are Epsom salts (English salt or magnesium sulfate). It’s weird, but it really makes negative vibes go away. Salt rituals have also been used in exorcism and cleansing work against ghosts or spirits.

Blessed be!💜

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