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Prayer for Him to Call Me (Quick and VERY Effective)

This prayer is designed for those deeply in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. It’s particularly effective if the person of interest is already in a relationship. The belief is that this prayer will make them think of you constantly and yearn for your presence.

This exclusive love prayer is not found elsewhere and must be practiced with responsibility, faith, and respect for white magic and esotericism. The prayer’s power emanates from your energy and belief.

The Role and Effectiveness of the Prayer

While the prayer can aid in manifesting your desires, personal action and decision-making are crucial. The principle of “what you focus on expands” applies here, suggesting that the universe responds to concentrated efforts and desires. The prayer serves to make the loved one contact you and can also be used to reconnect with an ex-partner.

How to Perform the Prayer

The prayer requires true love for the person and a clear visualization of a future with them. To perform it, you will need four rose petals, a red candle, and the written prayer. It’s a simple recitation, requesting the universe’s assistance to make your love reciprocated.

Prayer for Him to Call Me

“Divine and powerful universe, I address you with the utmost respect and faith, so that the person I love calls me today. That in their thoughts there is no other person than me, and they cannot resist contacting me. Oh! Universe, I ask you to come to my aid, and that you in your infinite power, that you see everything and that you know everything, understand that my love is pure and sincere. My home is the refuge of the person I love, and we both build our future. That is why I pray that this love is reciprocated, that this person is interested in me, that they see my virtues and call me. No matter where they get in touch, I just need to hear their voice one more time to tell them. Energies of mother earth that watch over truth and faith, come to my aid so that the loved one looks for me, thinks of me, and needs me. I pray that these words be heard, in order to complete my happiness. So be it. Amen.”


Remember that these prayers are most effective when there’s a strong emotional bond between both parties. Results can vary from immediate to a few days. The author encourages sharing experiences and questions about the practice.

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