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Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You

He’s fun, you have a great time, and you’re starting to click. So when will he kiss you? Not little pecks on the cheek. We’re talking about a big, wet, wild kiss.

This is a Kiss Me Spell I have used several times with great success!

This will get him to make the leap, and he will be oh-so-very-glad he did.


How to cast the Kiss Me Spell

You will need:

• Red wine (or juice).
• Two glasses.
• Red rose.
• Pink candle.

1. Before your date with the chosen one, pour the wine or juice into the glasses, saying:

“You will find me fair, fair, fair.”

2. Draw a circle around you with the rose, saying:

“Desire fills the air, air, air.”

3. Put the gardenia oil on as a perfume, saying:

“Kiss me if you care, care, care”

4. Imagine each time the two of you kissing.

Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You
Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You

5. On the candle, write the name of the person you want to kiss you. Burn the candle the day you are going to see him.

6. Keep the glasses in the refrigerator. If you see him later that night, give him one of the glasses and the rose, and say something like, “Do you have anything for me?

Once I did this spell and the guy I liked kissed me a week later. It was a passionate kiss, and quite an experience!

Word of warning: This spell is extremely potent so should be used with caution. Its results can be very intense, long lasting, and often difficult to control or reverse.

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So please be absolutely sure before you cast it on an intended lover that he or she is the right one for you & vice-versa.

A spell is a focusing and redirection of energy by the caster(s) to bring about a result. The result may be instantly apparent or appear more gradually. Spells should not be used in isolation, you should also take positive steps to change your life.

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