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How to Make Moon Water

Moon Water is a magical ingredient, very versatile and one of the easiest to prepare. We call moon water the water that has been charged with the energies of the moon. It is a well-known way of carrying energy to be used during a ceremony or Magic, in recipes of Wiccan spells or to prepare Magic potions. It can be used for any practice or ritual where you need to use water.

Although normally the water is energized with the power of the moon, it can also be charged with the energies of the zodiac sign through which the Moon is passing at all times. Moon water can then be used to enhance a ritual or spell related to each sign.

What is Moon Water? Tips for a Powerful Moon Water
What is Moon Water?

Preparing Moon Water is extremely simple and fun.

So, how to make Moon Water? Remember that the Moon accompanies us and influences us in many ways, although we may not always be able to perceive it. It is proven that the phases of the moon cause different effects on the Earth and on all living beings. They can change the ocean tides, the weather, our sleep patterns, our moods, even our fertility.

Learn how to prepare and use Moon Water in any moon phase. When you incorporate the water charged by the moon to your altar or to your sacred space, it allows you to harness the power of the Water Element and the Moon at the same time.

What is Moon Water?

Moon Water is simply water that has been exposed to the moonlight and charged with a Magical intent. Water acquires the properties and energy of each moon phase to be used in rituals whenever you need it.

How to make Moon Water
How to make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water

In general, Moon Water is used when for some reason a spell has not been cast during the best Moon Phase. By charging water with moonlight, the energy and properties of each lunar phase are preserved for a longer time.

You can store it along with your flower essences, tinctures, vitamins, or daily supplements. Start your mornings by drinking hot water with a splash of lemon juice. Add a small glass of Moon Water to this mix to strengthen your connection to the Moon, gradually drawing its essence into your body like an energy medicine.

A Moon Water Recipe for each Phase: Increase your Magical Powers

 Moon Water is made under the energy of the Moon and you can prepare it in any of its phases. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Full Moon!) Chant this simple Wiccan spell.


  • Drinking water (can be tap water or rain water). Make sure the water is safe to drink.
  • A very well sanitized glass container of any size. You can boil it previously.


How to make Moon Water
How to make Moon Water

Follow the next steps:

  • Pour the water into the container.
  • Place the container in a place where it is illuminated by moonlight, preferably outside. It can also be near a window indoors. Use a glass container or clear bottle that allows light to reach the water unobstructed. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy, as moonlight, like sunlight, can easily pierce through clouds.
  • When placing the water in the moonlight, consecrate it by saying out loud:

Dear Moon, thank you for this Sacred Water, which is already helping me (Here you say your intention)”.

  • Your intention / request could be attracting more money into your life, healing a part of your body, recovering a relationship or any other reason you want to focus this sacred energy.
  • It is not necessary to leave the water outside overnight. A few hours are enough. Of course, be sure to collect it before sunrise, before the sun’s rays reach it.
  • Pour it into a bottle or jar. Store in a dark place like a kitchen cupboard or refrigerator until you use it.

Tips for a Powerful Water

To make very powerful Moon Water, start the first night of the Moon phase of your choice (for example, the first night of the full moon) and charge the water for 3 consecutive nights. This can be done not only during the full moon phase, but during any moon phase. Each phase has its own magical properties as we will see below.

How to Use Moon Water in your Rituals »

Make Moon Water in Each Lunar Phase

Beginners often ask: Can Moon Water be made without a full moon? The answer is yes! You can make Moon Water any night, even New Moon (It’s dark, but it’s still there!).

The New Moon and all the other lunar phases have their own energies. Let’s see when to make Moon Water according to the spells you are going to cast.

Remember: There are 8 lunar phases and we can group them into 4 stages: new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon.

Make Moon Water in Each Lunar Phase
Make Moon Water in Each Lunar Phase

New Moon Water

Charge your water under the New Moon and use it to reinforce the spells of new beginnings and new opportunities. If you are looking for:

  • Start a new job or business.
  • Open your heart to a new relationship.
  • Moving to a new place.

Spray your altar, your home or workspace with some new moon water! Are you planning to plant a new garden or a tree? If you are planting seeds, water them with a little of this moon water to promote a healthy start. Each spell linked to a new idea will be enhanced with the addition of moon water.

Waxing Moon Water

The benefits of this moon phase are associated with growth, evolution and development in both the spiritual and material realms. The power of the crescent moon enhances fertility spells. If you are working on:

This phase is all about manifestation, attraction, and advancement. Allow the water of the moon, and the energy of the moon to combine their strength to achieve your goal. Invite the power of water into your life by placing a container with Moon Water on your altar.

Full Moon Water

The energy of the full moon can help you reinforce any type of witchcraft spell:

  • Spells of love and beauty.
  • Spells of spiritual and psychic protection.
  • Meditations for growth and wisdom.
  • Visit our collection of full moon spells.

Divinations and any ritual practices where you need to strengthen your spiritual powers will benefit. Simply place a cup of Moon Water on your altar and your witchcraft works will be more effective.

Waning Moon Water

Improve the power of spells in which you want to expel or remove something from your life by using this holy water in your ritual.

If you want to get rid of a problem, a person or a situation, perform a banishing or freezing spell and add a cup of Moon water diminishing to the ingredient list.

This is particularly helpful in getting rid of persistent illnesses. Use the waning moon water with spells to lose weight or any other problem that tends to be long lasting. Use it to get rid of stress in your life, people who are negative or exhausting, bad habits and addictions to things that you know are not good for you.

The negativity you feel towards yourself or others. All the things you need to banish from your life, the right spell combined with Waning Moon water will help remove them as the moon transforms into a new moon.

What do you do with Moon Water
What do you do with Moon Water

FAQ about Moon Water

Can I drink Moon Water?

If you use clean drinking water, there is no risk! You can take a few sips before starting your ritual to energize your body with the energy of the moon, or make a tea with it!

What else can I do with Moon Water?

There are many things you can do with it, such as taking a bath, washing your hands or face, wearing it as a charm, or even cooking and cleaning your home. Moon Water for beauty.

But her true power lies in your treating the Moon Water like the sacred and powerful tool that it is. It is no longer just tap water. It is now blessed and energized with your intentions, so don’t waste it.

Can I make Moon Water on a cloudy night?

Yes! The energies of the Moon are always present, even when it is cloudy outside. Like the rays of the sun, light from the moon is powerful enough to travel through the atmosphere, clouds, and even through the pollution of large cities.

Can I make water during the lunar eclipse?

When you need a drastic change, use the lunar eclipse water in your spells. If you, or someone you know is in a dire situation and needs a drastic change, when casting your spell, add lunar eclipse water to enhance the effect and attract change, represented by the changing cycles of the moon through all its stages.

Depending on the source of your water, if it is clean enough, you can drink it and gain this energy before practicing rituals, or you can add the water to your spells in other symbolic ways. It is your magic, only you can decide how you want to practice it.

In any case, take good care of the Moon Water. Be grateful because water is an essential element for your life and all living beings.

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