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Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You

Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You

He’s fun, you have a great time, and you’re starting to click. So when will he kiss you? Not little pecks on the cheek. We’re talking about a big, wet, wild kiss. This is a Kiss Me Spell I have used several times with great success! ✓ Kiss Me Spell This will get him to make the leap, and he ...

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Attract a Specific Person Love Spell

Fast Acting Love Spell for Specific Person

Learn how to cast a fast-acting love spell that will attract a specific person to you. It can even make your boyfriend, husband or lover feel more attracted to you in a quick, powerful, irresistible way. Simply follow the steps on this video: ✓ Fast-Acting Love Spell for a Specific Person This is a very effective love spell to attract ...

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Freezer Spell for Love: Very Effective!

Freezer Spell Love

A classic White Magic ritual, the Freezer Spell can also be used for Love works. This recipe uses no tools other than a few simple ingredients that everyone has at home: Paper, Pencil, Freezer, and a Glass Jar or plastic container. Watch this video to learn how to cast a Freezer Spell ❄️ ✓ Freezer Spell with No Tools While ...

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Talk To Me Spell with No Tools

Talk To Me Spell No Tools

An easy spell to make him talk to you! 💬 Use this spell chant to as a simple “Talk To Me” love ritual of White Magic. How to make him talk to you? You will need a pen and a piece of paper. Follow the instructions on the video. This simple prayer spell works every time and it will help ...

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How to Cast a Sex Spell on Someone

How to cast a Sex Spell

Sex spell chants without ingredients can be very powerful and effective. Watch this video to learn how to cast a sex spell on someone an enhance your personal sexual attraction spell. If you are in a situation where your loved one does not match your feelings, and you are suffering in silence, this spell without ingredients can change that. Get ...

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Candle Spell to Dream of Your SOULMATE

Spell to Dream of you Soulmate

🕯️ Try this Candle Spell Before Going to Sleep. Learn how to see your soulmate in dreams with this spell of White Magic. You can also use this ritual as a spell to attract soulmate by establishing a communication channel on the spiritual level with your true soulmate. ✓ Spell to See Your Soulmate in Dreams It doesn’t matter if ...

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Obsession Spells To Make Someone Crazy in Love

Spell To Make Him Crazy In Love

Sometimes there is a person that we like so much that we would do anything to make them like us. Maybe you want him to go crazy over you, the same way that you are crazy in love with him. This spell has worked for me several times, and I’m sure it will work for you too. Let’s see how ...

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