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Love Spells

Come Back With Me in 3 Days! Powerful Reconciliation Spell

Reconciliation Spells

If you have broken up with your partner and you want them to come back to you, but you don’t know what to do, these White Magic reconciliation spells will be of great help to fix your relationship in a short period of time. Although it might seem like an impossible task, White Magic, when it is cast the right way, ...

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How Long Does It Take A Love Spell To Work?

How long does it take for a spell to manifest

How long does it take a spell to work? One of the common mistakes when working with love spells and any kind of magick spells in general, is to believe that the effect will be instantly seen at the time the spell is cast. While this would be ideal, this is not how magic works and there are several good ...

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10 Love Binding Spells That Work

Love Binding Spells

Let’s see the 10 best love binding spells that are free, effective and you can safely cast at home. With these powerful love spells, you can get anything you want from your partner or a potential lover, and achieve a lasting and happy relationship. Love Binding Spells Spell to Find the Right Person Goal: Get you to focus your energies, ...

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Spells To Make Him Call You On the Phone

Spell to make him call you

Have you ever wanted someone to call you on the phone? Here are some simple magic spells and rituals for you to make someone call you now, be it a man or a woman. The first of these spells I found while searching for spells to get him to call me on the phone in modern books of shadows. The ...

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Love Spells You Can Cast at Home

Love spells

How to make someone think of you all the time? Today we will see a series of white witchcraft spells to enter to the head of that special person who you want to attract, and do think only about you. These spells, I think, work really well for me and that is why I am sharing them here. This type of ...

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