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How to Find Lost Things [Ritual to Find Lost Objects]

How to Find Lost Things: Ritual to Find Lost Objects
How to Find Lost Things : Ritual to Find Lost Objects

This ritual is very effective to find lost things in your home, office, on the way home. It can help you recover that object that you have been looking for days. With this Spell to Find Lost Things you can recover valuable objects or things that you need to recover quickly, such as a wallet, the keys of your house.✨

These small problems that seem insignificant, can end up ruining our day. Losing keys or valuables are very common problems, which can lead to complicated situations.

Locating lost items can turn your day into hell. Not only will it cause you delays when it comes to things you use on a daily basis, it can lead to misunderstandings. For example, if we lose our wedding ring, our favorite watch we use the expression “we feel naked without it.” Remember that it is easier to find lost items when the Moon is Rising.

We recognize and respect that our followers may be pagan, Christian, or of any other religion. For this reason, we always give alternatives to our spells so that anyone can use them and benefit from the blessings of White Magic.

Find What’s Missing with these Effective Rituals for finding Lost Things

👉 If you have come this far it is because you are looking to recover something important and that is why I am going to help you. Losing something is very traumatic for some people. Others, on the other hand, take it easy. I recognize what you can feel when you lose a precious object or something very expensive, such as a mobile phone.

Spell: How to Find Lost Things
How to Find Lost Things: Easy spell

But also losing gifts from people who are no longer with us is very sad and painful. Therefore, with this ritual of lost things, you will soon have back with you that you have lost.

It’s a pleasure having you around here. I thank you for sharing your time once again with me and lovemagicworks.com, Rituals for luck, Love spells, Money spells, White magic.

If this is the first time you visit this website, keep in mind that nothing is by chance, you have come to the right place. Welcome and enjoy the wisdom and power that I give you to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes.✨

Spell to Find Something that is Lost

We live daily with great stress and at great speed. It is very common for this to lead us to lose something of great value such as house keys, car keys, wallet, cell phone, or important documents.

Sometimes it takes us several days to find those things that we miss and need. No matter how hard we try to remember where we have left them, we cannot remember what happened to them.

How to find lost things: Spell to Find Something that is Lost
Spell to Find Something that is Lost

👉 Some lost objects such as glasses or contact lenses, although they are very essential in our day to day, can be easily replaced by others. I mean that despite needing them we can replace them.

A Spell for Finding a Lost Item

However, other times we lose things of great sentimental value that cannot be replaced. This is the case, for example, of a love letter from our first boyfriend, a gift from a deceased person. These objects cannot be replaced because they were unique in our lives. Today I am going to teach you a ritual to find lost things quickly with white magic.

Thanks to this ritual you will be able to recover a lost object in a matter of hours. It is important to note that this ritual only serves for items lost by yourself. It will have no effect if the object has been lost by someone else, such as a child, a brother. Nor if the object has been stolen. It will only be useful in cases where you have accidentally lost something. Items that can be recovered with this recovery ritual are lost and not stolen items. If your mobile has been stolen, this ritual will not help you.

Spell Characteristics

Each spell has characteristics. This spell is very simple to perform, but highly effective, it was practiced in ancient times to recover missing or lost goods and belongings.

  • 🔺 Difficulty: Low
  • Repetition: Once every three days.
  • 🔅 Power: Very high
  • Theme: Spell – Object recovery

👉 This ritual is more powerful if the objects have a personal meaning, such as gifts from people who have marked our lives or with a lot of positive energy.

Increase Spell Power: How to Find Lost Things

👉 Lost objects seek to be recovered by their owners. What the rituals and spells do is only guide them to be recovered. That is why it is essential that when you make an act of faith to recover an object, you do it from the heart by putting all your faith and energy into it. As in any act of magic, the intention is the most important thing. If you don’t believe in it, your magic will hardly come to fruition.

Spell To Find Lost Objects

This spell to recover a lost object was used in the past, it is very powerful and although its materials are very easy to find, you have to follow the steps to make it a success.

👉 This ritual only works with a single object, if you want to do it for more than one you must repeat the process.

What you’ll need: INGREDIENTS👇

It is advisable to do it on a Full Moon night 🌑

1 Container.

1 Photograph of the object you lost.

Incense sticks.

Moist soil.

1 Cloth bag of any color.

1 String (to tie if it is black better)

This spell is very powerful, the object will appear or you will remember where you left it in the next hours or days.


1 Enter a room that is quiet and with soft light.

2 Place the container in the center of the room and light the incense.

3 While performing the ritual, you must keep your intention in mind. Fill your heart with faith convinced that you will recover this lost object.

4 Insert the photograph into the cloth bag and close it with a knot, preventing the photograph from coming out.

5 You will put the tied bag at the bottom of the container and the soil on top. As you do so say the following prayer:

You are tied, buried you stay, give me back what is mine or you will live underground

6 Leave the container in a window or in a place where moonlight can reflect off it. You will receive results in a few hours or days.

How to Find Lost Objects
How to Find Lost Objects

Witch’s Guide to Ritual: How to Find Lost Objects

With this ritual of recovery of lost things, you can recover any lost object or that you do not know where you have put it.

This spell can be combined with others so that the effect is greater and acts in a shorter period of time. Also, as I mentioned earlier, objects with a positive energy charge or that have meant important things tend to respond earlier to the call of the lost property recovery ritual.😄

How to Find Lost Things: Rituals and Spells
Spell to Find Lost Things

Another Spell to Find Lost Things

Next, we present another ritual that can be combined with the previous one. It could help you find that object that you have been looking for so much and cannot find anywhere.

What You’ ll need 👇

A transparent empty glass or container that allows you to see inside.

In your home, place the glass upside down in a place where no one will touch it, only you, and while doing this procedure, recite the following prayer 🙏

I have captured the nothing in a glass, nothing like the one in my hands, when I retrieve my object, I will release the nothing that I have captured.”

Spell to Find Lost Things
Spell to Find Lost Things

You must leave the glass in that position until you retrieve the lost object. In the event that it does not appear within 10 days, the item you lost is irretrievable.

Blessed Be!💜

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