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Candle Magic: Introduction, Spells & Color Guide

Candles often have a mystical meaning beyond their function to light. In fact since past times have been used as the main element in innumerable spells and types of magical practice, including Pagan, Wicca, Satanists and also Christians. Many of the practitioners of magic have their own points of view and concepts about candles and have shaped them into different guides, books, and scrolls about candle magic.

Candle magic

Candle magic

Although there are spells with candles that are repeated from generation to generation, we can also make our own spells that are original and that will be used in our rituals. It may happen that the same spell does not work the same way for two different people, so the spell or ritual is not the most important thing, but also the faith that we put in its realization and that we do all the steps correctly.

The Power of Candle Magic

For some, candles represent an energy battery that functions as a force enhancer for the spell or ritual to be done. In addition to serving as a source of support, many witches agree that the white candle is the most potent and is best suited to be used as an enhancer in spells and rituals with candles.

Over time, many sorcerers have used candles in their rituals because of the strength they add to the spell and the way in which they increase the effectiveness of the spells. Throughout this post, you will see the that we typically will use a white candle next to a candle of a different color if the spell requires it, as the white candle represents neutrality. Some witches state that the white candle represents the strength of positive energy, innocence and also the process of purification of the spirit, the house and the mind of the human being. So during a spell or a ritual, a white candle is used along with candles of other colors depending on the type of spell we are performing.

Other sorcerers and witches combine their candle magic with their deities. To make the spell stronger they carve the name of the deity of their preference on the candle they are using. This can be a symbol of your religion or as way to enhance the spell.

Candle Magic and the Meaning of its Colors

The meaning of the color of the candles will us information about their synergies, but we can also assign our own personal meanings or interpretations to each color. Keep this in mind, since you migh be more sensitive or more receptive to a particular type of pigment.

Meaning of a White Candle

It symbolizes purity. They are essential in any fertility ritual. They are the most used since it is said that white candles are able to favor and enhance any type of spell, as long as it has a good purpose. Read more on What is White Magic.

Meaning of a Red Candle

Candle magic spells

Candle magic spells

It symbolizes the passion. It is the fundamental color when performing love spells. It could be a ritual to find a new lover, to bring an ex back, when making potions, anything regarding love between romantic partners. It is also often linked to sexuality and virility.

Meaning of a Yellow Candle

It symbolizes wealth. It relates to material possessions. Especially money and jewels. Trade deals and labor relations are highly benefited by this type of candles.

Meaning of a Purple Candle

It symbolizes spiritual energy. If a ritual seeks to get in contact with the afterlife, spirits, angels or the deceased, this is the color our candles should have.

Meaning of a Blue Candle

It symbolizes health. Physical healing spells, as well as any magic works related to medicine and diseases will benefit from the power of a blue candle.

Meaning of a Pink Candle

It symbolizes self-love. Very related to honor, vanity, this is a candle that very closely touches the feminine world. It fights violence and we will use it to soften and sweeten aggressive personalities.

Meaning of a Green Candle

It symbolizes the material world. From the simplest forms of nature to the most complex beings, as well as everything that lives in the same plane as we do. Green candles are used in ritual magic for spells which require great amounts of hope.

Meaning of an Orange Candle

It symbolizes the sun. This is a candle that covers many different fields, from peace and calmness to also countering bad financial times. Many experts also indicate that the color orange is related to the ability to concentrate and assimilate knowledge.

Meaning of a Dark Blue Candle

Magic spells with candles

Magic spells with candles

It symbolizes the firmament. The unabashed, the infinite number of stars, the number of drops of water or the shapes of the clouds are concepts that serve to get an idea of the use of this color.

Meaning of a Brown Candle

It symbolizes the earth. Ancient magic was very closely related to fields, crops and fruits as it was performed by people dedicated to agriculture, and this is the favorite color for all of them. Its strength increases in autumn with the fall of the first leaves.

Meaning of a Black Candle

It symbolizes power and protection. Suitable for protection magic, which involves spells to encourage the help of loved ones, or the gods. Black fosters the development and evolution of one’s own wisdom, and the wisdom of the gods.

Magic Spells with Candles

Spell with a candle to attract love

Candle magic

Love spell with candle

This spell is used to attract the love or the attention of the loved one. To perform this spell, you will need a red candle, preferably in the shape of the person you love (a candle in a masculine or feminine form), a thread or piece of one of your garments, and a thread or piece of a garment of the person you want to attract.

Carve the person’s name and any other symbol you wish (or none) on the candle. Dress the candle with any oil, either purchased or made at home. Focus on your goal, which will be to unite in love with this person.

Take the two threads of the garments and make a knot at one end. While tying the other end, say this:

“I tie this knot to bring the love of (name of the person). I tie this knot to carry the desire of (your name).”

While tying a third and fourth knot at each end, say the following:

“I tie this knot and bring the fidelity of (name of the person). I tie this knot to carry the love with me”

Tie one last knot at one end of the garment strings as you say: “Come to me, so mote it be.”

Light the candle and say: “The fire of love burns in your heart.”

Spell with a candle to attract money

This simple spell is used to attract money. To do this you will need a green beeswax candle and a piece of paper.

On the piece of paper, write down the amount of money you need. It has to be a specific number that you need for a specific purpose. Place the piece of paper under the candle.

Light the candle, take a deep breath, and for the next 15 minutes, visualize how you get this money.

Extinguish the candle with your fingers. Do not blow out the candle because if you do the spell will not do anything.

Repeat the ritual for seven days at the same time each day. On the last day, use the candle flame to burn the paper, and let the candle burn completely.

Spell with a candle for good luck

Candle spell for luck

Candle spell for luck

This spell helps you keep bad luck away from your life while it helps you to attract good luck. You will need a candle of any color, next to a white, a black and an orange candle.

Before beginning the spell, take a shower to wash away any negativity that might cling to you. Carve your name on the candle you have chosen and light it.

Now light the black candle and visualize all the bad luck you have had. Say:

“Bad luck be gone, it’s time for you to leave me alone.”

Light the white candle and say:

“All my bad luck now dissolves”.

Visualize all the problems in your life and how they dissolve into nothingness.

Light the orange candle and say:

“Only good luck and positive energy come to me now.”

Visualize that good luck entering your life and all the good things that come with it. Finally, let the candles burn all the way down on their own.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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