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Vampire names.

Vampire names.

By Athena Helenaus:

First installment of the section dedicated to vampire names.

Acheron. Alabaster. Aleister Lovelock. Aleister Moriarty. Somebody Alvantin. Armando Hitchcock. Armando Kilgore. Armenki. Ash. Babylon. Bram. Bryon Cane. Caleb Villarreal. Century. Christopher Santiago. Constantine Devries. Crimson. Cross. Damian. Dante Bright. December. Demetrius Mortensen. Desmond Sturm. Devin. Diego Delarosa. Donovan Sharpe. Drachen. Draegan. Drakkar. Drake. Draven. Dred. Dusk. Threw out. Edge. Emmanuel Morelock. Eventide. Felix Trueblood. Frost. Gabriel. Gossamer. Gotham. Granite. Hades. Illusion. Infinity. Julian Roman. Justinian Nix. Kaige. Kane. Layre. Leonardo Sandoval. Locke. London. Luciano Devonshire. Luciano Roth. Malachi Morvant. Mayze. Mink. Morrow. Mortum. Nicholai Delacroix. Nicholas Carpathia. Obsidian. October. Oleander. Onyx. They pay. Pardon. Prysm. Ransom. Rapture. Rave. Rex Vorhis. Sabre. Salem. Satanei. Seraphim. Severus. Shadow. Steele. Strigon. Heel. Tempest. Thorne. Willow. Zaire. Zen. Zane Kilgore. Zurie.

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