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5 spells with flowers to attract what you want

Beautiful and, most of the time, fragrant, flowers have different meanings and can attract different vibrations that can help you fulfill some desires; after all, they gather the mystical energy of nature. Thus, sympathies with flowers are a great option to have the power of this natural element in your favor and attract good energies.

So, to give you a hand when it comes to achieving prosperity, love, or even helping a sick person, we separate 5 sympathies powerful for you to make and use the strength of flowers. Check out!

attract money

Remove a petal from a yellow rose and keep it in your wallet. Boil what is left of the flower in a liter of water. Strain, wait for it to cool and, after your daily bath, pour the flower water over your body, from the neck down. Do not rinse and wait for your body to dry naturally. Then pray Psalm 39, wrap the petal of your wallet with a money note of any value and give it to those who need it more than you do. Throw the leftovers from the bath in a vase with flowers and take care of the plant with affection.

Attract the perfect match

Write your suitors name on sunflower petals. Place them on a plate and leave overnight in the air. The wind will take the petals away and the one left will be named after your perfect match. If more than one is left, set the plate aside again. Do this until only one petal is left on the plate.

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Sympathy to be lucky in everything

Buy a violet vase and bury two coins of any value in it. Keep the vase on top of the fridge in your house and, whenever you water the plant, say an Our Father. Renew the soil in the pot every year, throwing the old one in the trash and removing the coins. Wash them well and give to those in need, putting others in their place.

Sympathy to succeed in any profession

On gold foil, draw a star of David (the six-pointed one) and circle it around it. Inside, write your full name six times and, on top of your name, the word success. Light an orange candle and a sunflower or orange blossom incense.

Cut out the circle and hold it in your two open hands. Then say three times: “Archangel Michael and his Divine Light, coming from the Eternal Providence, Jesus, make me, (full name), always be lucky in my profession of (name of the profession or position held) and that everything in Universe conspire in my favor. Amen and Amen.”

Leave the paper under the saucer or candlestick the candle is in, and when it has finished burning, put the paper in something that is always with you – it could be a purse or wallet. Finish by praying three Our Fathers and seven Hail Marys. Throw the leftover candle and incense in the trash and use the saucer or candlestick as usual after washing.

Sympathy for the well-being of a sick person

Offer red flowers to the sick. It is essential that they stay in the living room, inside a vase, not in the sick person’s room. When they wither, they must be thrown upwards, in salute to the protective souls. Then collect and place the flowers in an outdoor garden.

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