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Discover the Golden Buddha Ritual to Attract Prosperity

Human beings like to do spells and rituals to attract what they want or achieve grace. And whoever has faith and strength in desires and strives to conquer their dreams will achieve victories.

It’s like I always write: it’s no use doing spells to win the lottery, putting energy in the numbers and not going to a lottery to play your game. Complaining that you are unlucky in life is blasphemy.

Rituals have always walked together with humanity. There are several religious, mystical and energetic rituals that the human being does to achieve a purpose. Done for good, a ritual is welcome.

Therefore, I will teach an energetic ritual to attract prosperity. But, understand that the ritual will only take effect if the person thinks prosperously and works for it.

Ritual with Buddha image

This ritual has no religious connection. We will use the image of the smiling Buddha because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Material needed:

Golden Wealth Buddha Image (Fat Buddha)

raw rice

Red Apple

Clove and cinnamon incense

White porcelain saucer or plates

Current value coins

A $10 bill

Way of doing:

Choose a place for you to place the Buddha to attract prosperity. This location can be your bedroom, living room, office or desk. Take a saucer or plate to put a Buddha on top of it. The saucer or plate has to be wide to fit the Buddha. Place the open $10 bill in the center of the plate. Cover the note with rice until it disappears. And fill the whole plate with rice.

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Place the Buddha in the center of the plate over the rice, which represents wealth and abundance. Money will help to attract wealth. Place the red apple, which is another symbol of wealth, on another saucer next to the Buddha. Place the apple plate in front of the one with the Buddha and add coins around the fruit. The Buddha should face the entrance door of the environment, to attract wealth.

Now, light seven clove and cinnamon incenses. Make Psalm 23 and ask for what you want or say:

“Infinite prosperity, Mr. Buddha of Wealth, attract to me many opportunities, work, business, money and prosperity. Mr. Buddha, make everyone and everything prosperous now. May it make me prosper now.”

Do this ritual every Sunday or Monday for nine weeks. And put coins in whenever you can.

At the end of nine weeks, take the rice and throw it in a garden or square. Coins must be donated to charity. And the apple should be replaced as soon as it starts to wither, for a new apple.

Do this ritual as many times as you like.

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