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Find out which are the 5 most affectionate zodiac signs

We already know that the signs are responsible for many personality characteristics. For this reason, we even blame astrology when some small sin is committed or for disappointments in love, for example.

But the mystical world doesn’t just live on flaws, does it? There are many qualities that are also astrological attributes and deserve to be exalted, such as affection. You know that affectionate, loving and super affectionate person? She might be like that due to her sun sign!

So, check out which are the 5 signs that stand out when it comes to affection in our Zodiac ranking!

The 5 most affectionate signs

5th place: LIBRA

For Libras, love is serious and they make a point of understanding the feelings on both sides (after all, Libra is the symbol of justice). When in love, the natives of this sign let their most sensitive and loving side emerge, and they make a point of showing the loved one how important and special they are in their life. Cute, right?!

4th place: SCORPIO

Maybe you are quite shocked to see Scorpios in this ranking, but the truth is that the sign, although it is more closed and mysterious, is quite deep and sincere in terms of relationships. Scorpios, in fact, are not touchy-feely, but they know how to give affection to those they love, especially when they need comfort and support. In addition, the natives greatly value fidelity and companionship as proof of love!

3rd place: TAURUS

The bronze medal goes to Taurus! Taurus understands that for a relationship to be stable and lasting (very necessary characteristics for the sign), it is necessary to dedicate and value love. With a lot of affective responsibility, love and affection will never be lacking for those who relate to the sign.

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2nd place: CANCER

Of course, the most emotional sign of the Zodiac would not be left out of this ranking! With a silver medal, Cancerians treat relationships and passions as a true crystal in their life. The sign values ​​company in everyday life and considers that feeling loved is one of the best things in life. That’s why he likes to make people feel that way all the time.

1st place: PISCES

With gold in the affection modality, Pisces is sensitive and loving. The sign carries a great need for affection, therefore, it makes a point of intensely repaying all the affection received. So, when Pisces finds a person who values ​​this side of him, he doesn’t measure efforts to make her happy and the limits of the world are few for his madness in love. First place deserved, huh?!

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