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7 health problems that drinking soda can cause

Soft drinks, regardless of their brands or characteristics such as being fruity, “diet”, “light” or “zero” are known to be both an appreciated drink that is present in various social situations, and a drink that is dangerous for health. human, as it contains numerous substances that cause damage to the body.

Michelle Schoffro, cook, master of science, PhD, nutritional consultant and orthomolecular doctor, in her book The Vitality Diet, still without a Portuguese version, categorized diet and non-diet soft drinks respectively in first and second place on the list of the worst foods that consumption should be reduced or abolished by human beings.

Check out below the seven ways that soda consumption acts harmful to health and raise awareness to avoid future problems:

1 – Asthma

Sodium benzoate found in most soft drinks is associated by many medical professionals and the scientific community with the cause of asthma and eczema. Therefore, those who already have asthma or eczema should avoid this product to avoid intensified crises and those who do not want to risk developing these diseases should avoid the regular consumption of soft drinks.

2 – Dental caries

The acid and sugar found in soft drinks can respectively dissolve tooth enamel and be a food source for oral cavity-causing bacteria. Although tooth decay seems to be a simple problem to solve, if it develops drastically it can affect the nerve and root of the tooth, which in addition to causing pain can lead to tooth loss. Therefore, those who want to have beautiful and healthy teeth should avoid drinking sodas or, at the very least, brush their teeth immediately after consumption.

3 – Heart disease

The presence of corn syrup with its high fructose content is an aggravating factor with regard to the composition of the drink, as this substance is produced by combining corn with artificially combined enzymes that make the body addicted.

Excessive consumption of this super sweet substance, due to lack of control induced in the body, causes diabetes and consequently, cardiovascular problems.

4 – Kidney problems

Phosphoric acid present in soft drinks is a cause of kidney stones and kidney problems, because to maintain the balance of the body this acid forces the kidneys to withstand the overload of activity.

5 – Obesity

There is a close relationship between soda consumption and obesity. It is estimated that for every soft drink drunk, the individual is 1.6 times more likely to be obese.

The composition of high-fructose corn syrup, present in soft drinks, is considered one of the main causes of obesity, as it inhibits leptin, a hormone responsible for informing the body of food satiety.

6 – Reproductive issues

Many soft drinks are packaged in packages that contain ABP or bisphenyl-A, a resin that is associated with the development of precocious puberty and other reproductive problems.

7 – Osteoporosis

Phosphoric acid found in soft drinks, already mentioned for affecting the kidneys, also damages bones, because for chemical balance the substance removes calcium from the body, which over time can cause severe degeneration.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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