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Is it bad to cut your hair with your period? Discover it here

Myths for hair care there are many. Know in this opportunity if is it bad to cut your hair on your period And what implications does it have?

Taking care of our hair will always be a priority, whether it is the cut, color, volume, style and even its composition, we will always look for the opportunity to keep it to our liking. Intervening it when you are in your days or having it done by a woman who has her period, has represented a dilemma for many. Let’s know if it’s bad to cut your hair during menstruation:

Is cutting your hair during your period bad?

There are too many myths about what happens if women cut their hair while they are menstruating. For example, the Lunar calendar to cut your hair can be very useful to know when it would be ideal to fix your hair to look perfect; After this lunar guide, there are no major indicators that cutting your hair during the period is bad, so we can tell you that all these supposed precautions are false and that there is no evidence to say that the hair will dry out or be damaged these days when rule appears.

Is it bad to cut your hair during your menstrual period?

On the days of the period, several internal processes take place, such as the regulation of hormone levels. It is normal to feel pain and experience mood swings, but it is totally false that hair withers or falls out with a cut; It is also said that the stylist could receive or transfer bad vibes in a cut, but that is an inexplicable fallacy. Obviously, you should know that hair changes depending on estrogen levels to give it more shine, but this is a recurring process in women and it doesn’t just happen with the arrival of menstruation.

Why is it bad to cut your hair during your period?

Unless we are totally bald, we all have to do with hair, that’s why there are many myths around beauty salons and hairdressers.

For example, some people have a pregnant woman’s hair cut so that it grows, but there is no reason to certify that you will lose volume, shine and strength in your hair after a cut while you have your period. There is also no scientific evidence that dyes or discolorations can harm your health, so if you want to take the opportunity to change your look, go ahead because nothing bad will happen!

This time we have the expert Alejo Restrepo, who tells us if it is true or not that one should not let a menstruating woman cut her hair.

Can be bad?

Is cutting hair during menstruation bad? It is clear that our hair reacts differently at each moment of life. For example, at the moments of our menstrual cycle (ovulation, beginning or end) there can be notable changes such as falling or opacity, but what the cut will do is renew the cells and provide greater firmness; For no reason stop pampering yourself or wanting to change your appearance because the only thing you should worry about in this cycle is maintaining the care you need, such as proper hygiene or constant hair massages.

What do you think? Do you have any experience in this regard that refutes or confirms the myth of cutting hair during the menstrual period? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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