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Dreaming of a swollen river, tension and worries would appear!

If you constantly wonder what it means dream of a swollen river, Perhaps your mind is trying to show you that you are going through situations of fear and sadness.

Once you think about what it means to dream of big waves or visions with overflowing and dangerous rivers appear, the subconscious would be sending you a warning signal to show you that it is time to stop and think about your actions. The volatility of your actions and negativism are the main factors for these dreams to come at night, but you must also understand that only you know how to get out of the high tides and get to safety.

We want to teach you what it means to dream of bathing and also tell you what your mind wants to warn you every time it sends you a vision in which a river unleashes its fury:

What does it mean to dream of a swollen river?

Generally, these are usually visions associated with negative feelings and hopelessness that you would face today. Perhaps, you are fighting against various fears and the tension of difficult economic and personal situations, so you would remain alert to respond aggressively to any external event or attitude of the people. Rather, you would be experiencing bitterness and you don’t know what to do with it.

What does it mean to dream of a river full of dirty water?

If you find yourself in dreams with a raging and dirty river, it could mean that you are currently going through a period of tension and you do not know how to overcome it. Perhaps, you had family or couple arguments a while ago and you still feel guilty about it, so you would be repeating the story in your head. This difficulty turning the page may be causing you to be dominated by stress and anxiety. It is time for you to think and discover what is the best way to leave differences behind and look positively at the future.

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A river swollen and clean

Dreaming of a swollen and clean river indicates that your mind would be telling you that the cycles of pain and sadness are ending. This dream usually represents the arrival of times and events full of peace in your home, so if you had fights, differences or tantrums with your partner, prepare to experience passion and absolute happiness. They would indicate the work, that you may have to take on new responsibilities that would lead you to achieve harmony and economic success.

What if you have a nearby waterfall?

Dreaming of a swollen river and a waterfall is a very positive vision because, like flowing water, your life would be on track towards success and abundance. Observing the waterfalls near the river would show that you have been growing spiritually and that strength would make you assume with greater enthusiasm and tenacity any life project that you propose.

Dreaming of a swollen and dirty river that takes things in its path

Batteries because it could be an alarm for you. Although dreaming of water usually shows pleasure and tranquility in people, it would also talk about the need to learn to better control anxiety, so as not to fall into mistakes that you could make. This vision would also tell you that you should analyze your decisions with a cool head and leave emotionality behind.

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