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How many people are having sex right now?

Around 1 million people – 989,042, precisely – are having sex as you read this. It is as if the entire population of San Diego, in California (1 million people, according to an estimate by the United States Census Bureau), or twice the population of Atlanta, Georgia (499,127 people) were getting lucky right now.

To find this number, we took the average number of sexual relations a person had in a year (103), multiplied it by the adult population of the world (5.047 billion) and obtained the annual number of sexual relations: 519.8 billion!

Body and Sex

At this minute, how many people are being born, sleeping, having sex and dying?

  • 1 million people are having sex.
  • 9.5 million people are doing number 1.
  • 14.3 million people are doing number 2.
  • 10.8 million people are flushing. Only 2.6 billion have basic sanitation in the world. Therefore, not everyone on the throne is flushing.
  • 514 thousand people are having orgasm. If 1 million people are having sex, that’s 1 million orgasms, right? Wrong. According to research by Alfred Kinsey, 75% of men and only 29% of women climax during sex.
  • 38.3 million people are sleeping.


Right now, there are more people watching TV than entering MySpace

  • 1.4 million of people are watching videos on Youtube.
  • 266 people are being born.
  • 24.5 thousand people are posting messages on Twitter.
  • 230,000 users are poking around in MySpace. The 22 million users visit the personals page 23 times a month and spend an average of 18 minutes online. Doing the math, 210 833 users are digging through someone else’s page right now.
  • 23.3 million of people are watching TV.
  • 523 thousand people are drinking beer.
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Odds and ends

As you read this, millions of people are doing uncool things too:

  • 149.5 million people are cleaning or preparing meals.
  • 3.5 million people are brushing their teeth.
  • 187.9 million people are at school. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), students spend, on average, 892 hours in school per year. We found that there are around 1.82 billion students aged 15 and under in school. Multiplying there, dividing here, we come to the conclusion that 187.9 million people are in school now. If you are one of them, close the magazine and pay attention in class!
  • 781 million people are in traffic.

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