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Can a couple get stuck together, like dogs?

Can a couple get stuck together, like dogs?

The answer is yes, and it was captured on video, as the couple had to be taken out in a wheelbarrow down the street.

A couple of lovers in Kenya had to be taken by wheelbarrow to a hospital after getting “stuck” in the middle of the sexual act, because the woman suffered from vaginismus. The couple had met at a motel called the Explor-Inn because the woman was married. When they noticed that they could not separate, they asked for help. until people from the motel arrived to take them to the hospital, generating a crowd of onlookers who recorded them and shared the video on YouTube.

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Even though he vaginismus, the involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vaginais a rare disease, this is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred in the African country, with cases reported for example in 2013 and last year.

What would you do if something like this happened to you? And to top it off with your lover! Write what you think in the comments and share this video on your networks.

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