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Sexy looks with deep cleavage to inspire you

The neckline is one of the most important details of the garment. With it, it is possible to print a style and enhance the body. Some necklines, such as round and V are more common and are part of basic pieces that are in the women’s wardrobe. Others, like the deep neckline, are less common and are ideal for those who like to print sensuality.

According to Marci Marciano, a style consultant, there are many different types of necklines. “High collar, crew neck, round, heart, strapless, canoe, one-shouldered, gypsy, halter top, V-neck, deep V-neck, low back, dropped shoulder and square”, he lists. The deep neckline is one of the ones that prints greater sensuality. “It’s the neckline that reveals the shape of the wearer. It can end between the breasts, or reveal part of the abdomen”, defines the consultant.

For being more sensual, Marci says that the deep neckline is more suitable for night events. “It is suitable for night, in more festive and relaxed environments”, details the consultant. However, with balance, it is possible to use the deep neckline on different occasions, avoiding it only in environments that demand seriousness, such as in the workplace.

Learning to use the deep neckline

The deep neckline is ideal for those who want to print the look with more sensuality and femininity. By revealing parts of the body, it is important to pay attention to what will compose the look to make it harmonious and sensual in the right measure. There are several possibilities of use and, below, we bring some of them with the right tips from the style consultant.

casual dresses

It is possible to use the deep neckline in any type of dress, even to create more casual looks. “The neckline issue is not the type of dress, but the location. At a party, ballad, show, it’s super welcome”, emphasizes Marci. The consultant also says that the personality must be in accordance with the style that the deep neckline prints.

Opt for dresses that are closer to the knee or longer to balance out the cleavage. Even though it is a casual dress, you should avoid wearing it in some places. “In a work environment, for example, other types of neckline must be considered”, points out the consultant.

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Party dresses

For party dresses, the deep neckline adds charm and sensuality. “It looks great in party dresses, even many famous ones have already used it in several awards”, cites the consultant. The deep neckline calls for moderation in the rest of the dress. “When some part of the look is highlighted, the others should be calmer”, explains Marci.

Accessories are essential to complete a party look. “It depends on the type of neckline of the dress, if it is very deep, the ideal is to wear a more discreet necklace or bet on large earrings, drawing attention to the face, since the bust is highlighted. If it is medium, bet on a necklace that follows the shape of the neckline”, teaches the consultant.

casual blouses

The casual blouse is another option for leisure time. “If the person likes necklines, as long as these blouses are used in leisure time, it is a great option”, explains Marci. The combination of a casual blouse with a deep neckline and pants or midi skirt is perfect. Avoid very short pieces to make the look harmonic.

Just like the casual dress, the blouse should be used in specific places, avoiding its use in the work environment. “To go to a club, in a bar, at a show, or on the beach, at the pool, in moments of leisure”, exemplifies the consultant. If you want to wear a plunging neckline but feel uncomfortable, opt for a bra or top under your blouse.

party blouses

Evening events call for more chic clothes and, in these places, it is also possible to adopt more sensual pieces. “Deep necklines are best suited for evening looks”, reiterates Marci. For the consultant, the blouse with a deep neckline harmonizes better with pieces that show less of the body. “They look great with a pencil skirt, for example. One person who wears plunging necklines really well is Kim Kardashian, who goes with pencil skirts and skinny pants.”

As for accessories, high heels add more sensuality to the look and make the look more suitable for nighttime events. Also bet on large earrings and small bags. Finally, invest in a striking makeup, with a highlighted mouth or eyes, thus creating the infallible look for any party or night event.


The bodysuit is another piece option for those who like a deep neckline. “Bodies look great with jeans, pantacourt pants, midi skirt and mid-thigh shorts, wide and high-waisted”, lists the style consultant. There are more chic bodysuits, which are great for evening events and more casual bodysuits, ideal for leisure time.

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“Bodies look great on the beach, to go out at the end of the day with shorts, on this occasion it’s okay to show your body too much. In addition, they look great for the night, with a knee-length pencil skirt and flare pants”, completes Marci about the ideal places to wear a body with a deep neckline.

Look for cool days

Despite the deep neckline giving the piece a summer look, pieces with the neckline can be used in fresher looks for winter. “Combine with jackets and coats that are open in the front, which warm up, but do not break the neckline look”, says the consultant.

The third piece in the look, be it a blazer, a jacket or a cardigan, helps to ward off the cold and reinforce the sensuality of the look, as they do not hide the deep neckline. To complete the look, bet on pants, pantyhose, deep-neck blouses with sleeves and boots to stay warm and not lose the sensuality that the deep neckline prints.

7 tips to hit and slay with a plunging neckline

The deep neckline, being uncommon in most wardrobes, can generate many doubts when using it. To help clarify them, the style consultant gave several tips and suggestions for all women to get right when wearing their pieces with a deep neckline.

  1. Where to use: bet on the deep neckline for the beach, pool, parties, clubs, concerts and other leisure moments.
  2. Where not to use it: work environments, especially those that require formality. “This is the only environment where it is not advisable to wear a plunging neckline. Also in situations that require more modesty such as meeting the mother-in-law, going to mass, etc”, defines Marci.
  3. Values ​​rounded silhouette: according to the consultant, the deep neckline values ​​the more rounded silhouette. “For it lengthens, harmonizing it.”
  4. Who can wear it: Any woman can wear the plunging neckline. “The cleavage issue has more to do with personality than with a woman’s physical type”, summarizes the consultant.
  5. Women with large breasts: for those who have a lot of breasts, a deep cleavage is an option. “She needs to find the kind of cleavage she’s comfortable with. It is recommended that women with large breasts wear a little cleavage, because if they wear tight blouses, they convey the sensation of more volume than they actually have in the bust area”, Marci teaches.
  6. Small-breasted women: Any woman, regardless of breast size, can wear a plunging neckline. “Women with small breasts can also use, as long as they feel comfortable”, points out the consultant.
  7. Accessories: Accessories help make the look more interesting and, therefore, it is important to know which ones are ideal for wearing with a deep cleavage. “The deep neckline draws a lot of attention as it leaves the bust exposed, so it is interesting to wear more discreet necklaces, if you want to wear them, or opt for large earrings or bracelets,” says the consultant. The necklace can help enhance the neckline or hide it for those who prefer something more discreet. “To enhance, the ideal is to wear necklaces that appear less than the bust, which are more discreet. To hide, maxi necklaces help, but they need to follow the shape of the neckline to leave the look in harmony”, details the consultant.
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9 irresistible plunging neckline pieces

For those who liked the tips and want to bet on the deep neckline, follow a gallery with some options of pieces available in the most varied e-commerces.

There are blouses, jumpsuits, dresses, more basic and more sophisticated pieces, all with deep necklines and great for those who want to bet on a more sensual look.

Inspirations to assemble your look with a plunging neckline

Bloggers love to reinforce their sensuality and bet on deep necklines. See some looks they put together and use it as inspiration for you to create yours.

The deep neckline is ideal for women who like to show their sensuality. Bet on your leisure time, whether day or night. Avoid using it with very short skirts or pieces with transparency and never use it in your work environment. Colors can help enhance your cleavage, as long as it’s in the same shape. With blouses, dresses or jumpsuits with a deep neckline you will be more feminine and very sensual.

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