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Lunar Calendar to Cut your Hair in 2023, the best guide!

Get the hair you’ve always wanted by following the lunar calendar for haircut 2023. Get ready because it’s time for the Moon to help you look radiant. Learn how to do it here!


Lunar Calendar to cut hair in 2023

Surely you have wondered when is a good time to cut your hair. And it is that doing it is quite a ritual, since we seek to obtain the perfect length, better growth and spectacular shine. Well, the lunar calendar to cut hair will help you know.

Your hair will look perfect

Although your own hair gives you signs that you should cut it, you should know exactly on what phase of the moon to do it. In the lunar calendar 2023 to cut hair there are vital dates based on the different phases of our natural satellite. You can make your hair grow healthy, shiny and strengthened in its renewal process. We tell you below:

Lunar phases to cut your hair in 2023

To know which are the best days to cut hair according to the phases of the moon, it is necessary to detail what happens in each one of them, because the effects on our hair vary.

First Quarter Moon

If you cut it off at this stage, it will grow stronger and faster. It’s best to cut it in the afternoon. Dates to cut hair in 2023:

  • January 20th
  • February 19th
  • March 21st
  • April 20th
  • May 19th
  • June 17th
  • July 17th
  • August 15th
  • September 13th
  • October 12th
  • November 11th
  • December 10th
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Full Moon

Haircut on full moon: It is the ideal for when you have very damaged and scarce hair, and you need it to grow strong and healthy. So as an additional tip, you should cut it in the morning. In 2023 this phase will be presented on:

  • January 28th
  • February 27th
  • March 28th
  • April 26th
  • May 26th
  • June 24th
  • July 23th
  • August 22nd
  • September 20th
  • October 20th
  • November 19th
  • December 18th

Last Quarter Moon

This is the perfect phase to cut your hair because the cut will be maintained for longer. You will also have more control of the volume if you have an abundant head of hair. The most advisable thing is that you cut it between 6 in the morning and 12 at noon because these are hours of great attraction of lunar energy. You should then know that in 2023 there will be a last quarter moon on the following dates:

  • January 6th
  • February 4th
  • March 5th
  • April 4th
  • May 3th
  • June 2nd
  • July 1st
  • July 31st
  • August 30th
  • September 28th
  • October 28th
  • November 27th
  • December 26th

New Moon: The lunar calendar exception for haircuts

New moon haircuts are not recommended, since at this time the moon attributes weakness in all aspects, producing a greater fall. In 2023 the moon enters this phase on days:

  • January 13th
  • February 11th
  • March 13th
  • April 11th
  • May 11th
  • June 10th
  • July 9th
  • August 8th
  • September 6th
  • October 6th
  • November 4th
  • December 4th

Why are these days important to cut your hair?

The influence that the moon exerts on the earth and the beings that live and evolve on it is not a fairy tale, it is very real so you should take it seriously. If we did not have this natural satellite, our planet would be very different. For example, it would be tilted by many more degrees on its axis, and we would have more extreme seasons. For this reason, the oceans and seas would stagnate due to the lack of their gravitational attraction, which causes the tides.

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The days to cut hair according to the lunar calendar in 2023 coincide with the changes that occur on the planet thanks to the renewal of its energies.

That is why since prehistoric times farmers have relied on it to know when to plant and harvest. Understand the cycles of nature, as well as the climate. Our hair is no stranger to it.

Finally, we share some answers to frequent questions about this calendar:

When to cut your hair in 2023?

You should also remember that depending on the need you have for your hair, the phases of the moon in 2023 offer us a large number of options to achieve the length, volume or texture you are looking for. For now, we can suggest that you go to the hairdresser when the moon is in the first quarter.

When to cut your hair so that it grows strong?

Without a doubt, the first quarter phase can give our hair the strength and vitality you are looking for. Keep in mind then that during 2023 the moon will be in crescent on January 20, February 19, March 21, April 20, May 19, June 17, July 17, August 15, September 13 , October 12, November 11 and December 10.

Is getting a haircut on a full moon good?

It is true that your hair will become more abundant and shiny if cut on the Full Moon, even more so if your hair has gone through bad times thanks to strong treatments and scalp diseases.

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