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40 ideas to decorate the house for Easter and delight the whole family

Easter is a time for renewal, to gather the family to celebrate life, and this special moment deserves to be celebrated in a true Easter mood. Although Easter decoration is not a tradition in Brazil like Christmas, the date carries many symbols and artifacts that make any environment beautiful and full of good energies.

With that in mind, we have selected amazing ideas to decorate your home in a very easy way, as well as “do it yourself” tips and indications of where to buy decorative items online. Bet on this idea and be sure to delight the whole family at the Easter meeting!

45 Easter decorations to inspire you

Symbology is not lacking here. Rabbits, for example, represent fertility, eggs, rebirth. Therefore, the rule is to take advantage of these meanings to fill the house with bunnies, eggs and all their accompaniments. Check out many ideas to help you with this cute task:

1. Your easter decoration can be full of charm

How about making a garland with colored eggs?

2. Have a more rustic style

Real carrots make up this very original idea.

3. And even follow a clean line

Option for those who like small thematic details.

4. For this, you can bet on neutral colors

Aren’t those ceramic eggs with a patterned mandala a charm?

5. Or also explore a single color

Combining variations of that color with white.

6. Put as many of them as you want

Together or alone they are an explosion of cuteness!

7. Cloth bunnies look good in any corner

And they are very easy to find in stores, craft fairs and with independent producers.

8. Besides being very cute, they are so versatile!

All you need is a bunny, a decorative tin and artificial plants.

9. They look beautiful anywhere

As in a wreath to decorate the door or wall.

10. Make the environment happy

A garland with a bunny and many colors is pure joy!

11. The table set may have small Easter details

Like this idea of ​​carrots as napkin holders and colorful eggs scattered across the table.

12. And have a very well-crafted decoration

Isn’t a center path on a rectangular table a great idea?

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13. The arrangement can be all natural

Have you ever thought about putting together a cachepô with real carrots?

14. Creativity has no limits

Yes, the little vase is an eggshell! Also notice the cuteness of the mini nest below!

15. It’s a lot of delicacy in just one image!

You can even use the egg holder as the base of your vase!

16. A touch of shine is also great

On the table set or in any corner of the house.

17. And there are details that make a lot of difference

Notice how beautiful the composition of this table was because of the fabric and the napkin holder!

18. Have you ever thought about decorating the table with paper napkin holders?

This idea is very easy to do at home. Capriche in choosing the paper, a ribbon and that’s it!

19. Paper can be a good ally in decoration

Scrapbooking papers are perfect for creating decorative pieces with this cake topper.

20. Use creativity to invent new things

You can make the house happy with colorful prints.

21. Decorating with paper is very easy and cheap

Plaques in neutral tones leave any corner with the face of Easter.

22. Candy holders can also compose the Easter decoration

Isn’t this ceramic bunny egg a love?

23. The one you already have at home is also a great idea

The wicker basket is basic and is perfect with colored eggs.

24. And why not reuse materials that would be discarded?

That’s right, this base is the paper egg carton we buy in the market.

25. Betting on foods that decorate is also a sure choice

Chocolate lollipops decorate and make the biggest hit with the family.

26. They make up the table

Cupcakes decorated with fondant are not perfect?

27. And they enchant everyone

Who will have the courage to eat these delicately crafted cookies?

28. They really look like a work of art

This mini egg basket is the most beautiful Easter dessert!

29. If you don’t want to order, improvise!

An alternative is to decorate a paschal colomba with ready-to-eat candies.

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30. If you have that doubt when making your own decoration, invest in flowers

Combine different types and sizes with plushies.

31. It doesn’t take much to get them in a paschal tone

Flowers and foliage with twigs, feathers and eggs formed an amazing garland.

32. Enjoy the plants you have at home

Use creativity to assemble unique pieces like this horizontal cachepot.

33. Invest in creative ideas

A carrot made from artificial roses can be a hanging arrangement.

34. And details that make the difference

Look how cute these wooden signs in the shape of a rabbit with artificial flowers!

35. Hanging themed comics are beautiful

Like this one in hand-painted rustic wood.

36. Handcrafted products are most welcome

Imagine a crafted ornament like this decorating your door!

37. Simple ideas become amazing objects

Eggs decorated with colored string is a very cool and simple idea.

38. Investing in Easter decor is really worth it

Whether making it at home or buying it ready-made.

39. Regardless of your style

See how it’s worth making a special Easter decoration? In addition to being beautiful and very cute, she has a very special sense, perfect for renewing energies. And if you’re one of those people who loves to get your hands dirty, don’t miss the next topic!

5 beautiful Easter decorations to make yourself

It’s a hell of a pride when someone asks where you bought something you made yourself, doesn’t it? So, check out now the decoration items that we have separated for you to make at home and delight all your guests next Easter!

1. Table arrangement

See how to make a beautiful and sustainable table arrangement using artificial plants in eggshell vases. The youtuber also shows how to make colorful candles in the shape of eggs. All this assembled in separate parts of an egg carton. It’s impressive!

2. Easter Tree

A well explained step by step to make an Easter tree, or Osterbaum. You can get the whole family together to assemble the ornament, which is basically made with branches and decorative items, such as eggs, artificial flowers and stuffed bunnies. Fun is guaranteed and the result is amazing!

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3. Easter Wreath

The youtuber shows how to assemble a wonderful Easter wreath for your home! You will only need a stuffed rabbit, decorative ribbons, a small bouquet of artificial flowers, colorful string, vines and various foliage. Too easy!

4. Easter table arrangement

Check out a wonderful arrangement idea to decorate the house for the Easter celebration. A rustic, elegant and economical suggestion. Discover all the materials and the step by step to assemble this beautiful decorative item in the video!

5. Complete set table

If now you just need to know how to organize a perfect table set for Easter, don’t miss this video! Learn how to combine sousplats, plates, napkins, napkin holders, cutlery holder, bowls, flower pots and decorations that you can make or buy ready-made. She also teaches how to make a paper rabbit curtain to make the environment even more special.

See how you can do a lot with the right guidance? Take these ideas as they are or create new ones to have unique pieces in your home!

Decorations ready for you to buy online

It’s ok if you’re not part of the team that is easy with manual work. Don’t worry, because there are those who do everything in this world! Your biggest job, now, will be deciding what to buy in the midst of so much beautiful stuff. Good luck!

Where to buy

  1. Coelho Led lamp, at Mercado Livre
  2. Gray and White Rabbit, at Mercado Livre
  3. Easter wreath for the door, at Festa Box
  4. Easter Napkin Holder, at Queen Table & Decor
  5. Ceramic Easter Egg, at Débora Costa Atelier
  6. Plush Bunny and Rabbit, at Bicho Pelúcia
  7. Easter pillow, at Mdecor
  8. Felt Carrot, at Su Real Artes
  9. Wicker Easter wreath, at Real Artes
  10. Bunny decoration, in the Submarino
  11. Decorative Vase, at HeloHandMade
  12. Ceramic Basket, in Americanas

We hope that all these tips and inspirations will help make your Easter even happier and more special. Be sure to share with friends who are passionate about decoration, huh!

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