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Pray to solve life’s problems

There is a saying that goes “don’t tell God you have a big problem. Tell the problem you have a big God”. Problems exist in everyone’s life. These are challenges that we have to face, solve and overcome. Making a problem much bigger or difficult or lasting depends on each person’s head and attitude.

It’s like that Indian proverb that says:

“Inside me there are two wolves: the wolf of hate and the wolf of love.

Both vie for power over me. And when they ask me which wolf is victorious,

I answer: what I feed.”

Problems exist. It’s no use denying them or pretending they don’t exist. If they appear, face them head on and look for the best way to resolve them. But don’t use a magnifying glass to make the problem worse. Take it easy and solve it in the best way possible, because every problem has a solution or way out.

If not, the problem will only get worse. Arnaldo Jabor once said that “it’s really good to have a problem in your head, a smile in your mouth and peace in your heart! By the way, leave your problems in God’s hands and how about a nice cup of coffee now? Life is a play that doesn’t allow rehearsals. So sing, cry, dance and live intensely before the curtain closes!”

We can also think like the Chinese about a problem and its solution: “if the problem has a solution, don’t worry, because it has a solution. If the problem has no solution, don’t worry, because there is no solution.” – Chinese proverb

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In short, problems exist and we have to solve them. Running away from them only worsens the situation and wastes our energy and blocks our material and personal prosperity. Don’t get hung up on the fear of problems. Face it and win.

To help, I’ve listed a Troubleshooting Prayer below.

Prayer for solving a difficult problem

“Lord Jesus, help me in this hour of distress and despair.

Protect me, help me, give me strength, courage and serenity.

Heed my request (make the request) and help me through these difficult times.

Protect me from everyone who could harm me, protect my family and answer my request urgently.

Give me back peace and tranquility.

I will be grateful for the rest of my life and I will take your name to all who have faith.

Thank you very much. Amen”.

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