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High-waisted pants: 60 suggestions for killer looks

Year in, year out and high-waisted pants come and go as a fashion trend. The truth is that since the end of the Second World War, the piece has stood out a lot in the clothing of young people and women who wanted to feel freed from repression, through their behavior and way of dressing.

And if in the 1970s the saint-tropez pants became a fashion staple, in the following decade the cut gained a little more comfort (with what we now call mom jeans). In the following period, they were practically extinct from the windows, but for some time now, they have returned to our closets as a triumph for those who no longer wanted to mark their bodies with low-rise pants, a success of other times. Want to know which are the most popular models and combinations?

High waisted cropped pants

You know those hot days when you need to show a little bit of skin to stay fresher? It’s with the high-waisted cropped pants that you will achieve this goal. And in this wedding, it’s worth combining different prints, or using the same print and making an outfit, mixing different fabrics and textures, among other fetched ideas. Check out some of them in the list below:

1. You can unite the pants and the cropped of the same print to form a beautiful set

2. Or take the opportunity to highlight the colors of the blouse with a neutral tone pants

3. With a tailored cut, you adopt a hi-lo style

4. For a more urban look, bet on a pair of pants full of pockets

5. How about a pair of mom jeans with a tied blouse?

6. Tweed always gives a social atmosphere to the look

7. Those ruffles on the sleeve gave a special charm to the composition, don’t you think?

8. A single sleeve to show the skin in homeopathic doses

9. High heels give a fantastic balance to the destroyed look

10. A piece in pastel tone makes everything more delicate

flare high waist pants

You know those pants that are tight to the thigh and widen to the hem? This is the famous flare model, which despite the 70s look of its cut, offers a very modern and current look. Check out some combinations with the high waisted version:

11. Flare pants have different cuts and are made in different fabrics

12. And it will offer a more seventies style to your look

13. In addition to being very elegant, certainly

14. It can be used in more social events

15. In the corporate environment

16. And also to compose a more cool look

17. Betting on the marriage between white and black is no mistake

18. And if the idea is to dare, invest in a piece of leather and transparency

19. Flare jeans are a classic, and have become a wildcard

20. The colorful shirt brought joy to the sober composition

Tailored high-waisted pants

They are beautiful, versatile, comfortable and very timeless – high-waisted tailored pants, without a doubt, go around in all styles and proposals, without many rules. And with it you can wear flats, sneakers, closed heels, open heels, wedges and even boots. Just spy these inspirations:

21. Tailored pants can be that comfortable piece for a trip

22. The elegant touch of fresh composition

23. Or the sophistication that the costume needed

24. In fact, it’s a piece that suits different styles well

25. And it practically became a uniform for work looks

26. Look how amazing this monochromatic proposal was

27. Bet this one that looks even more beautiful with a stylish heel

28. Tailored pants go well with flats

29. And even with stiletto heels

30. Even with a light t-shirt, the result will be surprising

high waisted jeans

The most democratic of pants is the one that will never be missing from a woman’s collection: the good old jeans. The various cuts found on the market make jeans a great ally for women of all styles, biotypes and tastes. See the reasons below:

31. Expect to find several models of high-waisted jeans

32. From the pantacourt model

33. Dyed in the most diverse colors

34. In mom jeans cut

35. In clochard style

36. With lycra

37. Or without… in the traditional style

38. But the most popular among them, without a doubt, is the skinny

39. What matters is that you choose the model that makes you most comfortable

40. And of course, very pretty and comfortable with her own look

High waist pantacourt pants

You know that pantalona with the shortest length? This is pantacourt, which has arrived to become the best friend of women who do not give up elegance and comfort together. The model ranges from casual looks to social proposals, for the corporate environment or events that ask for a little more sophistication. The following inspirations are amazing:

41. Who never fell in love with a charming pantacourt pants?

42. In addition to being a cool and comfortable piece

43. It is also a sure option for those looking for versatility

44. It meets more elaborate proposals

45. And also for that stripped down and stylish composition

46. ​​Look how the envelope model gives a contemporary effect to the look

47. You can even go to work with her

48. Or go to a concert or music festival

49. Thicker materials fit like a glove on those cooler days

50. And lightweight fabrics are perfect for summer days

Printed high waisted pants

If you are on the team that needs to add a touch of color to your production, here is your perfect model. And printed high-waisted pants don’t necessarily have to be an exclusive summer item: it’s worth abusing the freedom to use a mix of prints and textures, or balance the colors with another plain piece without worrying about the weather outside. Just spy on these fashionistas proposals:

51. All that glitter from a seventies piece

52. The camouflage print has always been a fashion staple, don’t you think?

53. A very fun mix of prints

54. Vertical stripes are sure to help elongate the silhouette

55. Chess is back and it looks like it’s here to stay

56. Don’t forget to give your look a special touch with that baphonic belt

57. Or bet on a very bold blouse

58. The high waist gives a beautiful value to the silhouette, don’t you think?

59. In addition to being the best friend of our curves

60. That we hope to remain in the shop windows for many, many seasons

Inspired by these proposals, you can come to the conclusion that high-waisted pants are the best friend of our cherished comfort, don’t you think?

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