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Eyes reveal personality and health problems |

That the eyes are the window to the soul is not news to anyone. However, what few people know is that they are also the window of our health and self-knowledge. Through a therapy known as Iridology, which studies the eyes – specifically the iris (the colored part of the eyes), but also the pupil and sclera (white part of the eyes) – it is possible to identify, in this part of the body, signs that they correspond to some organic problems and hereditary weaknesses, as well as a person’s entire life history, providing a systemic and expanded view of the human being.

It is worth emphasizing that Iridology is not intended to make diagnoses, but to provide therapeutic support and disease prevention, since from the eye analysis of a person we know their shock organs, thus enabling treatment before the problems of health manifest themselves.

According to the Ray Id (behavioral) method, there are three basic patterns in the iris called: Flower, Jewel It is Chain. In addition, there is a fourth intermediate type between Flower and Jewel, called Agitator or Spearhead. See below some characteristics about each one.

Flower-type Iris (Emotion)

These people have openings (petals) in the iridial tissue
They are flexible, they have ease in social relations Driven by passion and the sensitivity of the heart Creative “Artist’s soul” For lasting relationships they are usually attracted to mental types (Jewel or Gem)

Jewel or Gem type (mental/reason)

Presence of pigments in the iris
People of the mental type, focused on analyzing situations and emotions Rational, methodical, perfectionists, intellectuals Communicate verbally, directly and precisely Leaders, scientists For lasting relationships they are usually attracted to the emotional type (Flower)

Current Type (Kinesthetic)

Uniform structure in iridial tissue, sometimes with color variation
People who interact and perceive life through their sensory experiences Intuitive, great mediators (chain links) Need expansion Excel in health, public service and other areas For lasting relationships are usually attracted to the extreme type (Agitator or Spearhead) )

Agitator or Spearhead type (Extremist)

Has pigments (buds) and rounded openings (flower) in the iris
These people unite mental and emotional aspects and sometimes oscillate between these Dynamic, adventurous, daring Inventors. motivating, pioneering They need balance. They can start different activities, but have difficulty in concretizing For lasting relationships they are usually attracted to the kinesthetic type (Current)

These are just some of the many characteristics that we can point out, based on Iridology. Through this method, we can still identify whether the individual was born with an introverted or extroverted tendency, for example. This is because Iridology brings us a notion of cerebral laterality, pointing out which hemisphere is more predominant in our behavior and structural rings.

In this method we also have a map of the iris, divided into 46 areas that represent our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. With this, we have an intense possibility of self-knowledge and understanding of our behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses, and also a possibility of observing our personal relationships, such as, for example, between couples or parents and children.

However, for a good job and effectiveness of the iridological practice to be carried out, some procedures must be followed. Even before direct observation of the eye – which can be done with the naked eye, with the help of a magnifying glass or a photo with special lenses – some surveys should be carried out, such as an integrative assessment of the patient, about their physical, emotional and social characteristics.

Who performs Iridology services?

Some health professionals, such as naturopaths, use iridology as a great assessment tool, helping to understand the importance of the symptoms expressed by the patient, with the aim of achieving an individualized treatment.

However, it is worth mentioning that in some cases indications are necessary, and the conscientious and ethical iridologist refers his patients to specialized professionals in other areas, so that they can also help in a preventive practice, with clinical exams and other therapeutic possibilities, always seeking the good -being and quality of life.

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