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Essential oils: what they are, how to buy and benefits

You essencial oils they are extracts from aromatic plants and represent the most concentrated form of the plant – it is its vital energy. I always say that essential oil is the essence of the plant taking care of our essence.

For the plant, the oil is essential: it is its life, as it protects it both against heat, as well as diseases and predators, and is also responsible for its aroma.

For us human beings, essential oils are a way, who knows, to seek our essentiality and, as a result, we can also protect ourselves and treat diseases.

Essential oil is the essence of the plant taking care of our essence.

In this article, I’ll talk more about what essential oils are, how to buy them, what’s important to know about the essential oil dilution table and, mainly, about the use of essential oils in Aromatherapy and their benefits for the body, mind and body. the emotional.

What are essential oils

Essential oil is an aromatic substance that has therapeutic properties. It is obtained by an extraction process from plants, fruits, resins, wood, leaves and seeds.

Steam distillation is the most common form, but we have others, such as cold pressing and enfleurage (extraction method), depending on the flower, plant or fruit being used as raw material.

To the therapeutic properties are related to the active principles contained in its chemical composition. Large amounts are not necessary, as only 1 drop is sufficient for its action, since in that drop there are approximately 200 different chemical components, which are complex and highly concentrated.

The essential oil does not mix with water, it is always necessary to dilute it in a carrier base, which can be cream, vegetable oil, bath salts, grain alcohol, gels, among others.

Only 1 drop is enough for its action, as in that drop there are approximately 200 different chemical components, which are complex and highly concentrated.

It is important not to confuse essential oils with essences – essential oils have therapeutic properties, essences do not.

Essential oils dilution table

The dilution of essential oils in carrier bases must be done by an aromatherapist, as even oils considered safe for pure application, such as lavender or melaleuca (tea tree), can cause reactions.

Pregnant women, children and the elderly, for example, should use products with essential oils in low concentration, from 0.5% to 1% of essential oil, depending on the synergy or blend of essential oils (more on that later).

Each essential oil has specific therapeutic properties that work better (or worse) in association with other types. Therefore, simply presenting an essential oil dilution table is reckless.

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We are talking about a substance that works almost like a medicine, as some products can interact with continuous use medications, for example.

Therefore, disclosing an essential oil dilution table is the same as prescribing an over-the-counter medication. That is, look for an aromatherapist to have all the benefits of essential oils safely and correctly.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that provides a feeling of well-being, both physical and psychological, using essential oils. It shows that there are links between smell and feelings.

When inhaling aromas, the olfactory channels send the message directly to the limbic system, the part of the nervous system that is responsible for emotions.

After that, the brain reacts to the aromatic properties, changing someone’s mood or state of mind.

Each essential oil can have very specific therapeutic properties, see some of them:


Benefits of essential oils

Essential oils and Aromatherapy can be used whenever a person feels the need to seek some kind of therapeutic effect in their life. The ideal is to make use of the oils that have more to do with your moment or the environment in which you find yourself.

Each one offers a different property and makes you feel different sensations. But we can mention as the main benefits of essential oils:

Brings emotional balance and a sense of well-being: helps with states of anxiety, depression and stress.

Relieves symptoms of diseases: remember that oils help in an integrative way in the treatment of diseases, that is, the ideal is to combine them with other techniques.

Pain alleviation: immediate relief of chronic pain: improves sleep quality: chemical components that cause calm and tranquility help to have a good night’s sleep, like lavender.

Helps the immune system: tea tree is one of the main oils that help strengthen immunity.

Essential oils: buy

It is important to know some information before buying essential oils. See the following tips:

First, always consult an aromatherapist to indicate the essential oil according to your questions and individuality, through a consultation / consultancy that the specialist can help you with.

Research the essential oil brand and talk to your aromatherapist to check if it is suitable, or ask the professional to recommend trusted brands.

When purchasing an essential oil, check if the producer states on the label:

Common name and scientific nameCountry of origin of the productPart of the plant used in the extractionExpiry dateSpecification of chemotype or content in active ingredientMethod of extraction of essential oil

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Oils with very low values ​​may be adulterated oils, compromising the degree of purity. There are technical reports that help identify whether it is a reliable oil. Again, the aromatherapist can help you.

Some aromatherapists manipulate the oils in carrier bases and develop ready-to-use products.

How to store essential oils

Oil conservation is a very important issue. Leave it away from electronics and cell phones, and store it in a dark place and out of reach of children.

There are special essential oil storage pouches that are nice to have. Look for a bag of essential oils at compounding pharmacies or health food stores.

How to use essential oils

The safest way to use essential oils is inhalation through the sense of smell and absorption through the skin. Both are very efficient and bring significant results. My clients always bring testimonials about the effectiveness of these forms of use.

The ingestion of essential oils has been a very controversial subject. I am not against ingestion. There are very few situations in which it would be beneficial to ingest essential oils, accompanied by a professional who knows and understands the pharmacology of oils.

That’s because some oils can interact with allopathic medicines, instead of helping, it can cause serious health damage. So I don’t usually indicate it in my calls.

To do inhalation, the most common way, there are several ways and equipment that can be used to have the benefits of essential oils and Aromatherapy. Humidifier, air freshener, essential oil diffuser and personal aromatic necklaces, among others.

All are efficient, depending on the situation, the objective and the personal taste of each one. Next, let’s better understand how to use oils. In the photo, each number represents a type of equipment and the explanation is below.

1) Humidifier (air freshener) and ultrasonic aroma diffuser

The humidifier and aroma diffuser has cold diffusion technology, which does not change the essential oil formula, preserving the therapeutic properties of the oils. The mist produced by the aroma diffuser is made up of water particles and essential oil that also help to humidify the environment.

This ultrasonic diffusion adds negative ions to the air, which help to eliminate bacteria, viruses, pollutants and microorganisms that you normally breathe, increasing air quality. The ions generated by ultrasonic diffusion also increase the flow of oxygen in the environment, improving overall well-being.

Some models also have LED lighting, with seven colors, also bringing the benefit of Chromotherapy.

2) Aromatic necklace or personal diffuser

There are several types of personal aroma diffusers, called aromatic necklaces or Aromatherapy necklaces, ranging from crochet to black rhodium. The cheapest and simplest models usually have a lower durability.

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Necklaces are the easiest way to use oils in everyday life. Some models already have the material (a sponge, for example) to be inserted in the necklace, such as silver and gold.

In that case, just drip the essential oil drops into the material, fit the piece and place the neck, benefiting from the therapeutic properties throughout the day.

3) Aromatic pim or therapeutic perfume

Aromatic Pins are small bottles that can be used in Aromatherapy and also as personal perfumes in everyday life. To use, simply remove the cap and rub Pim Aromatic onto your wrists. Then rub until you feel warm and take a few breaths to benefit from the effects of the oils.

The aroma helps with very specific issues, such as headaches, poor digestion, anxiety, stress, relaxation, among others.

In addition, you can apply the product with the tip of the rod to other parts of the body, such as the temples, to help relieve headaches. The aromatherapist can customize according to specific needs and questions and give the best indications.

Perfume, on the other hand, has the same functionality and is usually in rollon format.

4) Air freshener

They are in aerosol or home spray format that can be used in environments, around the body or in the car. It is very practical, as it can be carried in your purse, left in your car or in your workspace wherever you want to apply it on a daily basis.

5) Rechaud to sail

Much like the electric diffuser, but it doesn’t need electricity. The equipment has an upper space where the essential oil mixed with water is placed. Underneath, there is a space to light a candle, which heats up and releases the aroma.

As it is a candle, leave it in higher places away from children and animals and don’t forget to blow out the candle if you leave the house.

6) Nasal inhalers

The inhaler formulated with 100% pure essential oils can be used at various times of the day for both physical issues, such as nasal decongestant and digestion, and emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. It is excellent to use before meditation or breathing exercises.

Inhalers are also being used as a resource for post-Covid smell recovery, with excellent results. It is a technique called olfactory physiotherapy, which, through…

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