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Fashion Summer 2015: find out what’s hot |

Curious to know what will be in trend in the hottest season of the year? Here you will find out about everything that happened on the catwalks of the main fashion shows and what promises to conquer the streets and your wardrobe. Summer 2015 will bring fluid, technological, metallic fabrics, transparencies, flowers, pencil skirts, hints of black and white, fringes, super colorful prints and embroidery, in addition to rescuing pieces that were stars in other times to come back with everything this season.

Everything indicates that the summer 2015 pieces will become a consumer desire for many women and will offer a true update to their wardrobe. Get ready: this season is going to give you something to talk about! Check below my bets on the main fashion trends that will be high next season. Choose the one that suits you the most and go out looking beautiful.

Step back in time and you’ll get an idea of ​​the style that will dominate women’s fashion in 2014. The Lady Like style draws on the silhouettes of women from the 50s and 60s, who rocked ultra-feminine, high-waisted looks. and well marked by pencil, midi or circle skirts, which promise to be the highlight of the season, promoting a romantic and delicate aesthetic.

Some of the biggest icons of the decade that serve as inspiration when it comes to dressing are the divas Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The main pieces are circle skirts, pleats, pleats, marked waists, small bags, pantaloons, cropped top and cigarette pants. The Lady Like style is also translated through floral prints in pastel tones.

On the feet, round toe shoes and medium heels or lace-up sneakers. The hair can be held in charming buns, have voluminous bangs, forelocks or waves at the ends.

Makeup calls for pink or peach blush tones and lots of black eyeliner. This is a summary of the Lady Like trend. Dressing like a perfect young lady from the 50’s and 60’s has never been more current.

Brazil 40th

Brazil is the country of the moment. Not only because of the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, but the Brazilian lifestyle is influencing the entire world. We have one of the most motivated youths on the entire planet. The moment is one of creative effervescence and micro-revolutions caused by countless young people who are not paralyzed in the face of the difficulties imposed by life and who transform walls into bridges with transforming socio-cultural projects, as is the case of Baixo Augusta, Ocupa Ouvidor, Catarse and many other examples. of hyperconnected young people who want to transform the world based on small attitudes that end up influencing many people. Because of this, more and more Brazilianness is being captured and represented on the catwalks of the main fashion weeks.

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Our nature is being incorporated by the 2015 summer season through prints that value the fauna, flora and national culture. Typical foliage and flowers are worked with sophisticated and exuberant colors, we see elements of high fashion and tailoring, mixed with the sports world.

The sum of nature and architecture will illustrate the clothes with drawings of coconut trees, foliage and colorful favelas. This trend represents the warrior woman, the Amazons, with feathers and plumage that will be reflected in the textures and fits of the summer 2015 clothes.

Knitwear and different types of woven fabrics, with more open stitches, like our Indians’ hammocks, in addition to materials reminiscent of wild animals will also be present. On the feet, lashings for sandals and flats, loom and braids will be much used. This season, Brazilian stones are also highlighted, such as aquamarine and quartz.

The dress is the key piece of this trend, in addition to the strong color contrast. Cross effect, cropped top, various types of slits and flowing clothes will also be present, enhancing even more the natural beauty of the Brazilian woman’s body with generous necklines and open fabrics that promise to elevate the season’s “sex appeal” to maximum power. A full plate for feminine and sensual women, who love to show off a little more skin.


This trend reflects the impact of big cities on fashion and has a cooler color palette, even in summer. It is a reflection of an extremely urban audience, social media activists, dependent on their gadgets, cell phones, computers, etc. They need comfortable clothes that keep up with them in the hectic pace of the metropolis and that adapt easily to any place.

Different shades of gray and metallics mixed with strong colors like “blood red”, light tones, pastels, knits and different models of overalls are the hits of this lifestyle. Adherents of this style often customize their clothes in a “do it yourself” style and will love 3D printed accessories.

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In this style, the modeling is loose, with slightly asymmetrical pieces that mix fabrics, jeans shirt with a blazer or shorts with a blazer, such as “boyfriend” pants, well-cut and straight shirts. Jeans, one of the most faithful companions of urbanites, appear tight or with a saruel design, always with elastane, providing comfort, an essential item for fans of this trend.

Artsy – Dramatic and Creative

Fashion and art have always been closely linked and for a few seasons the Artsy trend has sought inspiration in the world of paintings by famous and unusual artists. The idea is to take art to a new scenario: from galleries to catwalks. In other words, being modern is not only in the way of dressing, but also in leading a life that is far from superficial or conventional, but linked to the experiences of artistic manifestations and the intensity of large urban centers.

It is a trend that tunes in with a more sophisticated audience. They have clothes that most people don’t, they go places that most people don’t. They like models that are different from the common ones and that confuse others, as they are presented in a subtle and unconventional way.

The exaggeration and the mix of references are what draw the most attention, with striking and intense prints, appropriating sculptural or psychedelic forms, mixing the style of the hippies of the 80s and the hip hop of the 2000s, with classic and contemporary artists in the time to create looks, colors, cuts and prints.

A good way to represent this confusion is through the use of multiple fabrics or new materials to build conceptual looks inspired by elements of pop culture, such as the faces of artists, children’s characters and iconic paintings and photographs – which are also part of this fun universe. .

There is no way not to surrender to this very particular style that creates pieces and accessories with a strong and unique identity. In the rush of everyday life, Artsy can become a great ally to compose urban looks full of life and lots of color, with drips and smudges of paint, cubist prints, graphics, abstracts, among others that will be the hits of the season.

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Surprisingly, Artsy also has a romantic touch, as it uses colorful dresses that, combined with fun accessories, result in feminine and modern looks that call for make-up to match. Use and abuse Artsy, because, after all, it’s great to be able to express a little of our feelings and emotions through our clothes.

Sport Couture

One of the strongest trends for this season in Brazil and around the world is the sporty look, which was born with the search for a healthier lifestyle and the gym culture. The world of sports is increasingly present in people’s lives, even more so because of the World Cup and the Olympics in Brazil, which certainly influenced fashion. The trend gained luxury status. Noble materials, such as leather and silk, entered the sporting wave.

Sport Couture is ideal for composing looks inspired by the wardrobe of athletes that set the tone for this season, combined with powerful accessories. Sneakers, backpacks, shorts, visors, canvas clothes, technological fabrics, exposed zippers, pants with cuffs, sweatshirts, pockets, swimmer-style cutouts and, of course, lots and lots of numbers are part of the style.

Shoes are also being influenced and seen in the most diverse fashion shows with buttoned shapes and mesh details. The “stilettos” gain athletic reinterpretations, with thick straps on the shins and heavy soles like those of sneakers.

Another highlight is neoprene, which left beach fashion straight to the streets and appears as the darling of the trend. The bodycon silhouette, well-fitted to the body, is a sporty element that can be interpreted through skinny and motorcicle pants – whose modeling is very tight and inspired by the aesthetics of the clothing of classic and stylish bikers. This style was renewed and gained an elegant and contemporary status, with topstitching at knee height, side zippers, cutouts and a mix of fabrics. The motorcycle pants remain ubiquitous in sports style. Its skinny modeling is one of the most desired at the moment, in addition to valuing the female body. To balance the excessive sensuality of the bodycon silhouette, choose to wear it with more fluid modeling blouses. The looser and more comfortable fit appears with boxer pants and is elegant. The mix of sports pieces with other more sophisticated ones provide comfort and practicality, giving style and personality to the look. Bet now, if it’s your style!

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