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Tai Chi Chuan rejuvenates and improves health |

According to recent research carried out – such as the study carried out at the Geriatrics Service of the Hospital das Clínicas, of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo – of all the therapeutic, physical and mental arts, Tai Chi Chuan is the softest and easiest to be learned. Its rejuvenating power, both physical and mental, has been proven, as the activity lowers blood pressure, irrigates the joints, stimulates circulation, strengthens the muscles and the immune system, promoting mental calm. And all this without stress or tension!

Across China, thousands of men, women and children of all ages gather in city parks early each morning to practice the graceful art of Tai Chi Chuan, with the aim of improving their physical and mental fitness. The exercise is done through simple, smooth and easy-to-learn movements. It requires no special skills and can be performed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, alone or in a group. Anyone can develop the art to very high levels. All it takes is consistent practice, concentration, and a good teacher.

Even though it is a low-speed type of exercise, Tai Chi Chuan still improves people’s cardiovascular health and fitness, in addition to relieving depressive states.

Activity helps you age healthily

Those who practice Tai Chi Chuan consistently often have a different life, especially when they reach their 80s and 90s. Your bones are strong, not fragile. Your joints are flexible, not painful or stiff. Their minds don’t wander; they remain alert, aware and with a great capacity for concentration. Their heart is strong and beats calmly and their bodies have great inner strength that prevents all illnesses.

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Tai Chi is often prescribed as a treatment for a number of painful illnesses and conditions. If you have arthritis, for example, this activity will be your best stretching exercise, as it works on the necessary flexibility so that stiffened joints can mobilize again with elasticity. If you have cancer, Tai Chi is ideal because it improves aerobic capacity and boosts the immune system without harming free radicals. Heart sufferers who exercise regularly can not only regulate blood pressure, but also lose weight and eliminate negative feelings such as anger, frustration and depression – which can trigger a heart attack.

The Five Main Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

You can already see that Tai Chi Chuan is a true fountain of youth. It activates your hormones and immune cells, strengthens your heart, puts bodily functions in order, refines reflexes and balance, and helps you ward off the signs of aging. As if all these benefits weren’t enough, the method is also good for mood. Doing the activity is like opening a window in a stuffy room – a huge relief!

For those who hate exercise and anyone whose joints and heart can’t handle strenuous movement, Tai Chi is perfect. For the heart and metabolism, the equivalent of a four-kilometer walk. But there is something special about Tai Chi, which offers a general strengthening of health in ways that are very different from conventional exercises. Check out the top five benefits of the method below:

Awakens energy and balances blood pressure: breathing techniques reduce stress, lower heart rate and increase energy level. Increases concentration capacity: by executing the forms of movements, the practitioner exercises memory and increases the ability to perform daily tasks with greater ease. Stretches muscles and makes joints flexible: Slow, circular movements ease tension and increase muscle endurance and joint flexibility. Improves balance and reduces the risk of falls and accidents: the person learns to slowly turn his body and walk in a narrower posture, improving balance and considerably reducing the chances of falling or injuring himself. Improves Circulation: Deep breathing and wide movements invigorate muscles and increase blood flow. This allows fresh oxygen to circulate with nutrients through the limbs, fueling the body’s extremities with more energy.

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