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30 tips for those who don’t like to waste time getting ready

In modern life, time is precious. Saving a few minutes on routine activities helps you have more time to dedicate yourself to the people and activities you love most. Therefore, more and more, you have to be practical and not spend a lot of time getting ready. There are a number of tips and hints that help make getting ready a breeze.

There are days when you want to spend hours taking care of your body, doing elaborate makeup and choosing different clothing options. But there are also tips where you don’t want to spend more than five minutes getting ready. For this, the main tip is to always keep everything tidy, so you don’t waste time looking, and keep in mind what you intend to use.

These tips are basic and serve both to choose the look, as well as makeup, hair or beauty care. However, there are several tips that help those who want to be more practical and not waste time getting ready. Below, we list 30 tips that will help you in your daily life and provide practicality and ease for you to get ready in a short time.


Makeup is one of the steps in getting ready. Applying makeup can be very practical and fast, but it can also take hours and hours. Therefore, knowing some tips that facilitate and speed up the makeup process helps for those who like to be practical and not waste too much time on it. Check out:

1. Swap elaborate eye makeup for colored lipstick. A colorful and powerful lipstick can help you save a good few minutes when getting ready. No more thinking about combinations and shadows, you can just choose a lipstick that matches your makeup and feel beautiful and powerful without spending too much time.

2. Eyebrow Micropigmentation. For those who like practicality and full eyebrows, a great option is to do micropigmentation. In addition to always having flawless eyebrows, you won’t have to waste precious hours of your day correcting your eyebrows.

3. Keep makeup products separate. Whenever you have an appointment, you can first of all choose the products you are going to use and leave them separate. So, when you have to go out, you won’t waste time thinking about what to wear and focus your precious moments just applying your makeup.

4. Give preference to products with more than one function. There are a multitude of products on the market that help you skip several steps and that do the job of several at the same time. As is the case with BB Cream that can replace foundation, moisturizer and often even sunscreen.

5. Bet on eyeliner or black pencil. To get a marked eye, there is no need to use eyeshadow. You can just apply an eyeliner or a black pencil. To apply the eyeliner, you need a certain skill and, if you don’t already have it, choose the black pencil that, in addition to outlining, can also be smudged, providing a beautiful effect for your look.

6. Invest in the base, blush and mascara combo. Makeup doesn’t need a lot of products to look perfect. To get more practical, bet on the base, blush and mascara combo, these products are more than enough to make a beautiful makeup and leave you flawless.

7. Apply a lot of mascara. For those who don’t want to waste time applying false eyelashes, but still want defined and voluminous eyelashes, you can bet on the mascara. Capriche in the layers and use masks for different purposes, so you will have a voluminous and elongated effect.

beauty care

There are beauty rituals that are essential to keeping yourself looking good. Some products are unavoidable to use, such as sunscreen, and it is necessary to spend a few minutes applying it. However, there are a few tips that can help speed up this process and keep you from wasting too much time.

8. Use false nails instead of nail polish. Using false nails is much more practical than painting nails that require several steps to be perfect. There are several false nail options, being possible to vary in length, colors and even material. The only observation is that you should avoid using them for an extended period, as there are chances of damaging the nail.

9. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer right after washing your face. To avoid wasting too much time getting ready, a great tip is to apply sunscreen and moisturizer right after washing your face. After applying it, do another activity, such as changing clothes, fixing your hair. That way, you will have time for the products to penetrate the skin and there will be no need to wait until this happens before applying makeup.

10. Give preference to night products. Products to be used at night are great, as they don’t cause delays when getting ready. Whenever possible, choose them. Whether it’s a skin care product or a hair care product, night treatments are great and save you a lot of time when getting ready.

11. Keep all beauty products close at hand and close to a mirror. There’s nothing to waste more time getting ready than looking for the products you intend to use. So always keep them on hand. If you can keep them near a mirror, it’s even better, as you can apply them right there.

hair and hairstyles

be in one bad hair day or anytime you want to get dressed fast, there are plenty of tips to speed up the process of making your hair look great. Drying your hair can take forever, so focus on these tips and style your hair in just a few minutes.

12. Adopt haircuts that don’t need a hairstyle to look good. Good cuts keep you from spending too much time fixing your hair. Therefore, this is a great bet for those who value practicality. The right cut for your hair type makes it possible to wash and go out, without having to waste time brushing or fixing.

13. Use hair finishing products. Finishing products help shape and define your hair. A mousse, a leave-in are great options for those with curly hair. A pomade and a setting spray help to keep your hairstyle in place, without wasting too much time on it.

14. Pin the bangs only. A very practical hairstyle that can make a difference in your look is to hold just the bangs. The fringe is always the first part of the hair to get dirty and lose its shape, so pinning it prevents you from having to wash your hair or brush your fringe.

15. Wash your head the night before. For perfect hair when you wake up, you can wash your hair the night before, saving precious time the next morning. When it’s time to get ready, you can arrange it calmly and leave it in the way that suits you best. Just avoid sleeping with it wet, being harmful to the scalp. Sleeping with partially dry hair can also leave you with marks that will be more difficult to remove the next morning.

16. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a great product for those who don’t like to waste time washing their hair every day. It takes the oil from the roots and gives a more acceptable look to oily hair. Dry shampoo can also be used to add volume to the roots of the hair, without having to use a hairdryer.

17. Dry your hair before you start brushing it. To speed up brushing, a tip is to dry your hair well before you start brushing. You can either let it dry naturally, or you can blow dry it. The important thing is that it is just a little damp when styling the wires. With that, you gain some precious minutes.

18. Separate large locks when drying. Another tip to speed up drying your hair is to take large locks when styling. This facilitates and speeds up the process, especially if the hair is almost dry. You just go modeling and leaving it the way you want.

19. Have a powerful hairdryer. A high power dryer dries the hair faster and, therefore, is a great tool for those who don’t like to spend time getting ready. Give preference to dryers with power above 2000 watts. To protect the wires from the strong hot jet, use a good thermal protector.

20. Fix your hair only with a curling iron or flat iron. Skipping steps always speeds up and makes it easier for those who don’t like to waste time getting ready. One possibility is to avoid the dryer and go straight to the curling iron or flat iron, leaving your hair the way you want it.

21. Bet on practical hairstyles. There are many practical and easy hairstyles that don’t take even five minutes. A simple ponytail, a bun or even half up. These are options that help you get out of the ordinary, look beautiful and still not waste a lot of time getting ready.

22. Avoid hair transformations that require a lot of maintenance. Some chemical processes, such as hair bleaching, damage hair a lot and require constant maintenance. With that, it’s easy to waste hours getting ready, hydrating, replacing lost nutrients, using de-yellowing and etc. Big transformations prevent you from getting ready quickly. So if you like practicality, avoid these changes.


Choosing a look to go out can take hours. The indecision in matching clothes ends up making any woman waste precious minutes getting ready. But for those of you who like to be practical, there are a few tips that help make it easier to choose your outfit and get ready in a second.

23. Invest in powerful accessories. A powerful accessory can elevate any look, from the most basic jeans and t-shirt. So, if you are a fan of practicality, always have modern accessories in your wardrobe, such as large earrings, maxi necklaces, lots of bracelets and rings. Shoes are also great to enhance the look and help with practicality. Thinner shoes make the look more chic and colorful shoes more relaxed.

24. Sort and try on clothes first. Whenever you have an appointment, be it in the morning or at any time of the day, separate the clothes you are going to wear beforehand, try them on and make sure that it is what you will wear. This will save you precious minutes when getting ready. Usually, when going out, the question of what clothes to put on falls on you due to insecurity and lack of time to be able to choose and calmly try on the clothes you want to wear. That’s why it’s always important to do this beforehand.

25. Have an inspirational wall. This tip is for those moments when you open your wardrobe, see a lot of clothes, but don’t feel inspired to wear anything. Having a wall with images of looks that you like helps to improve the notion of your style and clears ideas when creativity is lacking. This mural can be either made with magazine clippings, a folder of images on your computer or even a Pinterest board.

26. Adopt a capsule closet. The capsule wardrobe consists of determining a few pieces of clothing that match each other to wear for a while. This helps in practicality, as you will not have…

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