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rose gold fashion

O rose gold came with everything this season and has already become a darling of Brazilian women. Bringing together the most feminine in the world – jewelry and the color pink – is a successful recipe for sophisticated and modern looks. Its rosy tone is achieved through a combination of gold and copper and is already one of the most used materials in jewelry, watches and accessories.

An interesting fact about rose gold is that he had already conquered the jewels since the 40’s, but before it was used only in some details, as in the rings intertwined with yellow, pink and white gold. The novelty is that rose gold assumes all the jewelry and other accessories, in an even more attractive reinterpretation.

THE rose gold trend came to bring news to the world of jewelry, to play with different pieces and get out of the routine yellow gold and silver.

This variation arrived to attract even more gold consumers, conquering new markets and serving as inspiration for creating pieces that match these jewels.

In addition to the rose gold jewelryyou rose gold watches are also a trend this year. Along with these innovations in the world of accessories, fashion also ended up joining the wave of rose gold tones.

How to assemble looks with rose gold

The dresses, bags and shoes also gained a new look, all inspired by these pink tones that look super elegant on any woman. There are those who dare to risk a total look rosébut to make sure your look isn’t overdone, combine one or two pieces in this shade with other pieces in dark colors to exude sophistication.

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bet on mix of bracelets matching multiple bracelets and a rose gold watch. Another way to highlight your rose gold accessory is to combine a black tube dress with various accessories in this material.

O rose gold matches better with darker tones and gets an even more elegant look when paired with other pieces in navy blue, for example, and they also look good with more discreet tones like nude.

In addition to dominating accessories, the rose gold tone also invaded makeup and the world of sparkles. Rose gold and copper eyeshadows are on the rise and sequins in the same tone are a sure bet for a look full of glamour.

Photos of pieces in rose gold tone

Where to find rose gold jewelry:

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