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10 things every homebody understands

Staying at home is the ideal program for those who do not like noisy and crowded places, or simply a dear activity among those who love the place where they live.

Whether on weeknights, vacations, long holidays or weekends, the caretakers exchange any program outside the house for a good movie, a series marathon, feet up on the couch, a home-cooked meal, or even a delivery and the tranquility that only our home provides.

Despite being often considered antisocial, homely people are, in fact, the real appreciators of the art of seclusion, of the freedom to choose what to do, without having to please anyone other than themselves.

If you’re a homebody, you’re sure to identify with the following list, describing pleasures that only a truly homely person understands:

1. A homebody knows the power of a comfortable bed

Rain or shine, there’s no weather that puts you in bed when an opportunity to sleep in later arises. Enjoy the day? Only if it’s with a nice nap!

2. Every time you are out of the house, you dream of your reunion

It’s okay that you have to fulfill obligations like studying or working out, plus your fridge won’t fill up on its own, but who hasn’t been daydreaming about the moment to return home?

3. Nothing and no one convinces you that going out is better than staying at home

And the arguments are varied, ranging from “you are letting your life go” to “you need to go out more, see more people”. But they don’t know how good staying at home does you.

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4. Just thinking about having to get ready to go out makes you feel lazy

The obligation to do simple things like combing your hair, doing makeup, matching clothes well or leaving the comfortable slipper aside already discourages you.

5. How to describe the joy of when that appointment was canceled?

It’s obvious that there are occasions that are almost impossible not to attend, like your grandmother’s 80th birthday or your brother’s graduation, but have you ever experienced the satisfaction of having one of these appointments unmarked? Pure joy!

6. Or the thrill of starting a new series?

That the sofa and the television are your best friends, there is no doubt, now, have you tried marathoning a series accompanied by a bucket of popcorn and a lot of free time? There is no away-from-home program that beats this perfection!

7. Pajamas are your best friends

High heels? Tight clothes? No way! There’s nothing better than a nice one-size-fits-all pajama set, preferably in super-comfortable fabric and with a print you wouldn’t dare wear in public.

8. And you know that your best company is yourself

He always hears comments from his friends about that wonderful weekend meeting that brought together several people, but he doesn’t feel any envy of them, after all, nothing like enjoying his own company.

9. Coming home on a Friday afternoon is synonymous with pure happiness

There are those people who say they can’t wait to finish work on Friday and go to happy hour. You, on the other hand, can’t wait to get in the house and run to the couch.

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10. And you’ve gone so long without seeing the sunlight that even you don’t believe it

It can be spending time viewing posts on favorite blogs, watching movies on Netflix or following the main social networks, it has reached a point that even you didn’t notice the time passing.

Despite being often criticized by those who don’t understand the pleasures of staying at home, homely people know like no one else how to have fun with few resources, be your favorite people and make the TV and the sofa ideal companions. Take advantage of the opportunities that life gives and enjoy some time at home!

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