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WhatsApp stopped working worldwide on Tuesday afternoon

This Tuesday afternoon (22) the instant messaging application Whatsapp went off the air worldwide.

At the twitter it was possible to see complaints from users in several languages, stating that the service is not working. The outage of the service only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to put “WhatsApp” at the top of the world’s trending topics.

Whatsapp crashed, okay? I know you logged onto Twitter to confirm.

— Federico Devito (@federicodevito) January 22, 2019

even whatsapp knows the time to stop and you don’t

— RAP, speaking (from feriaz) (@rapfalando) January 22, 2019

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#22Ene Whatsapp is crashing. Will it be a global fall or soil in Venezuela?

— Jose Madrid (@josefco27) January 22, 2019


There is still no official information about the reason for the drop. Unlike the other times when the service was blocked by court decision in Brazil, this failure seems to be technological and affects the service globally.

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