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May 14th will be special in love for these signs

According to astrologer Susan Miller, “occasionally the stars align, creating an atmosphere of romance”. And that’s what will happen this Tuesday (14), when venus and mars come into perfect harmony. The day calls for a celebration of love, especially for the signs below. Check out:

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5/21 to 6/20

In terms of romance, Mars in your sign during the first two weeks of May made everything more favorable. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but others have certainly noticed the sexy and seductive aura you exuded during these days. And the high point will be the 14th, when Venus in Aries will beckon your partner Mars in Gemini. This is definitely going to be a sexy day. It’s a Tuesday, but if you’re single, try going out to dinner with friends – after all, nothing will happen if you stay home. If compromised, this will be a great day to enjoy your love.

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9/23 to 10/22

With Mars signaling Venus, prepare for influences in your ninth house of travel. If you plan to travel, consider the 14th as the perfect day to do this with your partner. The day is also favorable if you can only be away for a short period. In transition, the Moon will be in your sign, which makes for the perfect time for a romantic getaway.

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11/22 to 12/21

The 14th will be wonderful for your love life🇧🇷 With Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini dancing across the sky, the night of this day will be particularly pleasant and all the stars in the sky will shine for you and your loved one. It will be the ideal night for a romantic dinner, so enjoy. If you don’t already have someone to call your own, this will be a great time for a first date.

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1/21 to 2/19

May 14th will bring you the opportunity to enjoy an enchanted night🇧🇷 Venus will be in Aries, your third house of short-distance travel, while Mars is in Gemini, your fifth house of true love. You can meet someone while taking a quick trip or simply taking care of appointments in your own city. Get ready!

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