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Arelys Henao’s father novel vs. real life: do they look alike?

Now that the singer remembered it on her social networks, several viewers wonder if the father of Arelys Henao In the novel it resembles the one in real life.

The biographical novel about the life of Arelys Henao, Arelys Henao: I sing not to cryfrom Canal Caracol, has more than one arrested, and it is not only because of the family problems, but also because it is an example of how the violence in Colombia affected families like his.What are the names of Arelys Henao’s parents?

Arelys Henao’s father was called Alonso Henao, and her mother, Ana María Pérez.

Arely Henao’s family

They look alike? Arelys Henao’s father: novel vs. real life

Don Alonso, as he is addressed in the novel, is played by the Bogota actor Juan Sebastian Caleroremembered for his iconic character from The Richard in Pandillas, Guerra y Paz, and more recently for the role of Rodríguez Gacha in Diomedes, the Cacique of La Junta.

Sebastian Calero

On the other hand, Arelys Henao shared an image with her father on her Instagram account, remembering him with emotional words, in which she says how much she misses him. It was then that several of her followers began to comment on the resemblance or not of the actor who plays him in the series.

We leave you the following image so that you can compare them and decide for yourself:

Do you think that Juan Sebastián Calero looks like Don Alonso, father of Arelys Henao? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your networks!

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