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The famous inspiring woman of each zodiac sign: which one represents you?

Often, there are women who are so amazing that they inspire us to be better and even more wonderful people, right? And, among them, there are some famous ones, such as singers, presenters or actresses, who are so strong and incredible that encourage us to be like this also.

Therefore, we list a inspiring woman of each zodiac sign, so you will always have someone to look up to, in essence and personality. Check out which one represents you the most:

Aries — Ana Maria Braga

Wake up, girl! It’s no surprise that Ana Maria Braga is Aryan, is it? After all, every day she encourages Brazilians to go out to fight with her catchphrase.

In addition, the presenter’s story is also exciting: she ran away from home to be able to study and, nowadays, is one of the history’s top communicators of TV in the country. Inspiring is even a little, right?

Taurus — Cher

Known for her deep voice and unique style, pop singer Cher has a strong and daring personality, which has made her one of the most successful artists in history.

In addition to being super talented, the singer is always involved with activism for LGBTQIA+ causes, feminism, fighting AIDS, among others. How can you not love?

Twins — Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, iconic actress Marilyn Monroe had to fight hard to become the recognized movie star which is to this day, you know?

Initially, Marilyn was just an equipment maker with a passion for cinema, but later she managed to become one of the biggest stars of the 20th century, thanks to her determination and her courage to fight for what she wanted.

Cancer — Elza Soares

Elza Soares is a true inspiration, after all, she proved to be strong, even going through several difficulties throughout her life, and made music history with her remarkable voice and her fight against oppression. Furthermore, she came to receive the title of Female Singer of the Millennium by BBC Londonin 2000. Wonderful, right?

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Leo — Gloria Maria

Gloria Maria was the first black reporter in the history of Brazilian television, covering several important events and interviewing several celebrities, such as Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Today, she continues on her adventures, making trips to the most varied countries.

Virgo — Tarsila do Amaral

Tarsila was the creator of one of the most famous and valuable paintings in Brazilian art, the “Abaporu”, which started an entire art movement.

She is still one of the greatest figures in national art, mainly because of her break with the more traditional molds of art, innovating by representing Brazil on her canvases in vibrant colors and full of meaning.

Libra — Luiza Trajano

Businesswoman Luiza Trajano made the name of a retail chain that has become one of the largest in the country. The company, which initially was just a family business, is today one of the most profitable in Brazil.

In addition, the enterprise innovated by having a hotline for its employees if they are victims of domestic violence. Amazing, huh?

Scorpio — Dani Calabresa

Who never laughed with Dani? After all, what is not lacking in the comedian’s resume is something good to guarantee laughter: Furo MTV, CQC, Zorra Total and CAT BBB.

And, in addition to its importance for Brazilian humor, Dani Calabresa was also very strong commenting on the sexual abuse he suffered, triggering a series of other complaints. A warrior, isn’t she?

Sagittarius — Clarice Lispector

One of the most important figures in Brazilian literature, Clarice Lispector innovated a lot in her texts. This is because, despite dealing with routine matters, such as motherhood and home care, she was able to do philosophical and existential reflections about everyday life across generations.

Capricorn — Rita Lee

The “queen of Brazilian rock” is one of the most influential women in the country and her way of using the guitar in songs served as inspiration for many artists. She still carries the title of being one of the top 100 artists in the country.

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And it’s no wonder, after all, everyone knows at least one of his great hits, such as “Black Sheep”, “Perfume Lance” and “Poison Weed”.

Aquarius – Oprah

American Oprah Winfrey is an amazing presenter, journalist, actress, businesswoman, reporter, producer, editor and writer. She has the program highest ratings in US television history and is the richest woman in the business. Furthermore, she has been nominated for an Oscar and is one of the greatest philanthropists of all time.

Pisces — Hebe Camargo

It’s no wonder that the great figure who was Hebe Camargo was born on a very symbolic date — March 8, Women’s Day — isn’t it? After all, the “queen of brazilian television” was a pioneer in TV and music, known primarily for being a great interviewer and for her infectious good humor and optimism.

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