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Sardine pie: practicality and lots of flavor in 12 tasty recipes

An ideal option for those who want to enjoy an easy, practical and very tasty dish, the savory pie has a guaranteed place in the hearts of Brazilians. Requiring little preparation, anyone can perform it, even those who do not have culinary skills.

Sardines stand out among the ingredients used to prepare a tasty filling, further increasing the practicality of the dish. Rich in omega 3, this fish is still a great source of protein, as well as containing vitamins and minerals. Check out a selection of sardine pie recipes below and choose your favorite version:

1. Blender sardine pie

This option of pasta prepared in the blender is super versatile, and can be accompanied by different fillings. In this version, sardines are accompanied by peas, tomatoes and chopped olives. Once ready, the author still suggests cutting it into small pieces and serving it in candy molds, ideal for a last-minute party. Access the complete step by step.

2. Sardine tart

Another wildcard pasta option, this version can also be used to prepare an oven bauru. Using eggs, milk, oil, wheat flour, Parmesan cheese, salt and yeast, the dough receives very well the filling of sardines, caramelized onions and sliced ​​tomatoes. See all recipe details.

3. Gluten-free sardine pie

Alternative for those who are celiac or want to reduce gluten consumption, this pie does not use wheat flour. Instead of the traditional option, rice flour and sweet sprinkles fulfill the role. With a simple and practical filling, this pie has a great chance of becoming a darling for those who try it. Check out the full recipe.

4. Quick Sardine Pie

With the ideal size to serve two to four people, this pie innovates in the order of ingredients: instead of being stuffed with sardines, the filling ingredients are arranged on top of the dough. Finally, just sprinkle grated cheese to finish off the dish. Access instructions here.

5. Portuguese-style sardine pie

A favorite option to be tasted at a picnic, the author shares a recipe passed down through generations. In addition to being beautiful, this dish is also very tasty: here the pie is stuffed with tomato sauce, sardines, boiled eggs, tomato, red onion and seasonings such as parsley, girl’s finger pepper, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Check out the full recipe.

6. Sardines with cheese

This recipe uses grated cheese in the preparation of the dough, ensuring a more striking flavor for the mixture. The filling is made with canned sardines, onions sautéed in olive oil, olives, corn and oregano. The ingredients list and how to make it are detailed here.

7. Sardine pie with corn

With a fluffy texture, this recipe has everything to please even those who are not a big fan of sardines. To ensure a seasoning full of flavor, sardines are paired with green corn, chopped seedless tomatoes, onion, garlic, olives, parsley, salt and pepper. See the details and how to prepare.

8. Sardine pie with carrots

Another recipe that demonstrates all the versatility of sardines: it can be paired with a variety of vegetables. In this version, in addition to winning the company of peas and tomatoes, the stuffing also has the use of carrots, enriching the dish with nutrients and flavor. Check out the full instructions for this tasty recipe.

9. Sardine quiche pie with asparagus

With a mouth-watering look, this pie has a little secret in its preparation: to ensure that the dough is crispy and crumbles in your mouth, ideally it is cold before going in the oven. Combining ideal doses of protein and carbohydrate, it becomes a great meal option. See the step by step here.

10. Sardine pie in the lunch box

Here the pies are baked in aluminum pans, a great method to make smaller portions of the dough, in addition to avoiding dirty dishes. Grated cheese is used at two different times: as an ingredient in the dough and sprinkled on top of the pie, before going into the oven. The ingredient list and instructions can be viewed here.

11. Sardine pie with mayonnaise

Anyone who loves a dish rich in creaminess needs to try this recipe. Here the dough takes whole milk and cream to enrich its texture. The filling is surprising by using mayonnaise to better group the ingredients and make it even tastier. Check out the full recipe and make this delight at home.

12. Cold Sardine Pie

Ideal option for those who are in a hurry to eat and don’t want to wait for the oven time for the dish to be ready, here the sardine pie is made with layers of crustless bread and a paste made with sardines, mayonnaise and seasonings. Access the cooking method and recipe ingredients.

Versatile, the sardine pie can be enjoyed at lunch, dinner or for quick snacks, those moments when hunger strikes. With the option of being served alone or with a salad, it is an alternative rich in flavor and practicality.

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