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Contraceptive patch: understand how it works, the advantages and possible risks

The birth control patch contains the same hormones and is just as effective as the birth control pill. But it has the advantage of not having to remember to take it every day, in addition to having less possibility of side effects.

The gynecologist and obstetrician Rodrigo da Rosa Filho, a specialist in human reproduction, explains that the patch is applied every seven days, for three consecutive weeks (21 days) and one week apart, for menstruation to occur. Therefore, the menstrual cycle does not change. If, for some reason, the person does not want to menstruate, there is the option of splicing one patch onto the other.

The box with three stickers (for one month) costs around 80 to 90 reais and is sold at the pharmacy. But, before buying, there must be a professional indication.

According to the doctor, there is no maximum period for the use of the contraceptive patch. And when you stop using it, fertility returns and the woman can get pregnant normally.

How does it work and who is it for?

The contraceptive patch is a “patch” that is placed on the skin in a region that will not appear, so that it is not exposed. And it slowly releases hormones, which are absorbed through the skin. “These hormones, unlike the common pill, are not absorbed in the stomach, which reduces discomforts such as nausea”, explains the gynecologist.

The composition of the patch is basically two types of hormones: ethinylestradiol and norelgestromin. Therefore, it is indicated for any woman who has no contraindications to the use of combined hormonal contraceptives.

How is the sticker used?

It is the woman herself who glues the contraceptive patch. “It’s very simple, as if she were putting on a band-aid”, says the doctor.

He also explains that every seven days this sticker must be discarded and a new one must be glued. “You can take a shower quietly, without fear that the patch will come off. If it happens, the ideal is to switch to the next patch. But if it takes off frequently, then this should not be the method used”, he says. It can also happen that the person develops an allergy to the adhesive, which shows that he has a contraindication to the method.

And, according to the professional, if the person forgets the day of the exchange, there is a 24-hour safety margin, ensuring that a new patch is placed in that period without compromising protection. In a period longer than that, especially if they are the first two patches, the effectiveness is reduced. “You can even put on a new patch, but the ideal is to use a condom in all relationships until the end of the cycle, because the risk is greater”.

Possible side effects

The gynecologist Rodrigo da Rosa Filho also explains that, because it has less metabolism in the liver, the side effects of the patch are also smaller. “But there is a chance of increased risk of thrombosis compared to those who do not use any contraceptive method,” he says. And it can also cause other problems such as:

  • fluid retention
  • nausea
  • malaise
  • Thrombosis
  • Increase in blood pressure

But, according to the doctor, in all these cases the incidence is lower than in the use of the pill.

Even though it is a patch, the indication must take into account the hormone, regardless of the means by which it will be absorbed by the body. Therefore, those who have some kind of intolerance cannot use it.

The contraceptive patch is also not indicated in cases of predisposition to thrombosis, liver problems, diabetes or uncontrolled hypertension and smoking.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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