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Boyish look: learn to compose feminine looks with masculine pieces

The boyish look is composed of pieces that would usually be in masculine looks, but in this case make up feminine looks. Pieces such as tank tops, vests, shirts, blazers, oxford shoes and tailored pants are part of the boyish style.

Some pieces available on the market have names in reference to this type of look, such as boyfriend shorts and pants.

A big advantage of wearing a look like this is certainly comfort. As the essence of the look is to be composed of wider pieces, as if they had been borrowed from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, it is common for the look to present oversized pieces, which add comfort and freshness to the look.

Learn below how to use each piece to compose the boyish look.

how to wear boyish look

The boyish look can be composed of just one of the aforementioned pieces or several of them at the same time.

The look is versatile and can be worn both casually and on more formal occasions. For casual looks, you can wear the pieces with sneakers, sneakers and even flat sandals. For formal occasions, the ideal is to opt for high heels, so the look is less stripped.

For women who want to guarantee femininity in the boyish look, the secret is in the details. Pieces that mark the waist, rolled-up sleeves and open buttons on the collar give a feminine and delicate touch to the look. Here are tips and inspiration for composing looks with each boyish piece:


The tank tops in the boyish look are the ones that are very wide and hollowed out on the side, showing a small part of the bra. They are ideal for casual situations and can be combined with many pieces.

To give balance to the look, the tip is to bet on a tighter piece at the bottom, such as shorts and tight pants.

It is also possible to include the tank top in formal boyish looks, as long as it is accompanied by a blazer.


Vests are joker pieces to complement the look. They can be used open with tighter pieces underneath and closed with more fluid pieces, such as flared skirts.

In formal looks, the ideal is that the vests are combined with a shirt in noble fabric.


Shirts in boyish looks are those in oversized models and can appear in many ways. They can be formal or casual, like the denim shirt, for example.

Following the same tip as the tank tops, bet on tighter pieces at the bottom of the look: shorts, pencil skirts, skinny pants and leggings.

To complete the look, bet on accessories. Large necklaces over the shirt closed to the collar add femininity and sophistication to the boyish look.


Boyish blazers are longer than traditional women’s blazers and end at the beginning of the thigh. They can be used with dresses of all kinds in everyday life, with skirts and shorts.

In formal situations, boyish blazers go well with tailored shorts and pants. Combine the production with high heels and, in the case of shorts, with tights.

oxford shoes

This type of shoe, as the name implies, is adapted from the models that students at the University of Oxford, in England, wore.

The classic model is characterized by being completely closed and presenting a lace. Adapted for feminine looks, they are available in the market in high heels, with thin toes and even semi-open.

If the woman just wants a boyish touch in the look, the tip is to bet on this type of shoe combined with a very feminine piece, such as a floral dress or skirt.

In formal looks, they can be used with a tailored shirt and pants.

tailoring pants

The tailored pants in the boyish look feature wider and looser modeling, appearing to be larger in size.

These pants are ideal for composing formal looks. As the piece is very wide, the ideal is to be used with high heels to elongate the silhouette, especially in short women.

Tailored pants can be combined with tighter-fitting shirts and a blazer. Bet on large accessories such as a maxi necklace or maxi earrings to add sophistication to the look.

20 gorgeous boyish looks to inspire

Want to include the boyish look in your style? Choose the right pieces and bet on this look, always taking into account the balance in the combinations.

Check out beautiful boyish looks below to be inspired and rock on all occasions:

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