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17 Prestige Cake Recipes to Sweeten Any Special Occasion

Widely consumed throughout the country, the prestige cake usually pleases both adults and children, by uniting chocolate and coconut, in a fluffy dough with creamy filling.

The cake certainly originates from the chocolate of the same name and is a very popular dessert option, often served at birthday parties, for example. There are even those who say that the right mix of flavors (chocolate plus coconut) in this cake brings out the sweetest childhood memories!

Despite having chocolate and coconut as essential ingredients, there are currently no rules to prepare a good prestige cake! It is always possible to use your imagination and create a more or less elaborate dessert, and even – who knew! – opt for a healthy prestige cake recipe!

If you are also a fan of cakes and love the combination of these two special ingredients, you will surely be delighted with the recipes below and want to prepare your favorite prestige cake today!

Practical versions

1. Easy Prestige Cake: Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this beautiful cake! Anyone can make it and you don’t need to have any experience in confectionery, as the method of preparation is simple, with common ingredients and easy to find or have at home.

2. Wet prestige cake: to make this cake that most people likes, you will use wheat flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate powder, coconut milk, grated coconut, condensed milk, grated milk chocolate and cream.

3. Generous prestige cake: in this recipe, the icing on the cake is “white”, decorated with coconut flakes, but you can also make a chocolate ganache, if you prefer. Good choice for a special dessert or even for a birthday party.

4. Prestige mug cake: for a practical, nutritious and delicious snack, when you feel like eating something sweet, but you don’t want to escape the diet! You will need sweet potato, coconut flour, eggs, light coconut milk, water, cocoa powder and yeast.

5. Duo prestige cake: the interesting part of this recipe is that you bake it all at once, the coconut cream goes first, and the chocolate dough on top. Even so, nothing gets mixed up and the result is a tasty and beautiful cake.

elaborate versions

6. Prestige Naked Cake: In this version of the Prestige Naked Cake, you will use eggs, oil, sugar, milk, wheat flour, chocolate powder, baking powder, condensed milk, butter and grated coconut. The result is a beautiful and delicious dessert.

7. Prestigious rocambole cake: one of the classic Brazilian cakes, in a slightly less traditional version! This cake is fluffy and moist and doesn’t need to be watered before filling. It’s worth a try!

8. Inverted prestigious ice cream cake: in this recipe, instead of being a chocolate cake with coconut filling, it is a coconut cake with brigadeiro filling, plus coconut syrup. Mouth watering!

9. Prestige and brigadeiro cake: a delicious cake, full of fillings and flavors. A good choice for a birthday party, all you have to do is decorate it (because the flavor will certainly not disappoint)!

10. Prestige brown sugar cake: a tasty and incredibly beautiful cake, which can be decorated with sprinkles or grated coconut. A great choice for birthday parties or any other special occasion.

11. Prestige cake with a touch of brown and vanilla: the recipe yields 12 servings and you will need eggs, butter, sugar, wheat flour, cocoa, baking powder, fresh cream, water, brown sugar, cream of milk, grated coconut and milk chocolate.

12. Prestige cake with pastry cream and fresh coconut: despite being beautiful and tasty, it is not difficult to prepare. You will need chocolate sponge cake, vanilla pastry cream, traditional meringue, coconut in ribbon, fresh coconut, chocolate chips and sugar water syrup.

13. Prestige iced cake with white dough: in this recipe, the cake dough is made with eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla. But that doesn’t stop you from making the cake with chocolate dough, for that, just add two tablespoons of cocoa powder to the flour.


14. Prestige cake with dates, gluten-free and lactose-free: a functional recipe, which does not use wheat flour, refined sugar or hydrogenated fat (margarine). It’s still soy-free and cow’s milk-free. The recipe is worth writing down!

15. Microwave Prestige Fit Cake: a special recipe for when you feel like eating sweets, but you don’t want to go off the diet. This is a healthy, beautiful and delicious cookie. Won’t stop testing right?

16. Vegan and gluten-free prestige cake: to make this delicious version, you will use flaxseeds, water, rice flour, demerara sugar, cocoa powder, salt, oil, hot water, white vinegar, chemical yeast, semisweet chocolate gluten-free and dairy-free, and coconut milk.

17. Prestige cake with cocoa powder, gluten-free and lactose: moist, tasty, sweet to the point and easy to prepare, in addition to being gluten-free and lactose-free. Whether you are intolerant, allergic, or simply chocoholic, it’s worth a try! Anyone who wants can replace the gluten-free flour with the same amount of wheat flour.

Whether made in the traditional way, prepared in a more elaborate way or with restrictions, the prestigious cake is always a successful dessert, and can even be the main attraction of birthday parties!

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