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Pray a prayer of forgiveness to free yourself from hurts and betrayals

August 30th is the National Day of Pardon, which this year fell last Sunday. To let the fact go unnoticed, I decided to decree that this week will be the week of forgiveness. That way we can think more about the theme and benefit of Forgiving.

Anyone who reads, studies or seeks holistic therapies and complementary to improve life and achieve victories has faced the need to forgive. Forgiving yourself, your past words and actions that can sabotage you, as well as forgiving people who have hurt and even betrayed you.

I always have a holistic coaching client who tells me they’ve won a hard stage or blocks after doing the forgiveness process for something or someone that is unresolved and hinders your progress.

Of course, forgiveness alone will not make the change alone, but it is part of the process of movement and changes from our negative pattern or failures. The same already occurs in feng shui consultancies. When we apply feng shui in a home or business, we are harmonizing the energies of the environments so that people feel better in these places.

In parallel, each person must harmonize their personal energy to feel good and balanced, as this will encourage you to be happier and achieve your personal and professional goals. But for many people, no matter how much they make plans or dream of something they really want, whether personal or professional, or seek happiness, it seems that something is holding them back or getting in the way.

what is it wrong? Is something or someone getting in the way? Is it fat-eyed? Envy? Will going to church to pray, to the spiritist center to take a pass or to a temple help to find out what is wrong?

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In fact, pray may help, but there is one detail that cannot go unnoticed. The answer is in Seicho-No-Ie’s knowledge, when she explains about forgiveness: “When you don’t achieve the desired despite fervently praying, sometimes there is a hidden mental cause: someone has not been forgiven. When we hate someone, this hatred infiltrates our subconscious and, even if we forget it in the conscious, it remains latent. Having hatred in the subconscious, prayer becomes useless, even if it is fervent. Therefore, it is necessary, before praying for something, pray a prayer of forgiveness. Whoever forgives is forgiven.”

I would say more. When we don’t forgive something, someone or a situation, we are stuck in the past. This leads to stagnation and lack of progress. We have to forgive these people and situations to free ourselves, open the paths and evolve. Having the courage to forgive those who have hurt, betrayed or hurt us.

There are many prayers of forgiveness. The following is one that I consider to be quite powerful. Say the prayer every day thinking about the people and situations you want to forgive. It will hurt, but it will also set you free.

prayer of forgiveness

I forgave you and you forgave me.

You and I are one before God.

I love you and you love me too.

You and I are one before God.

I thank you and you thank me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

There is no longer any resentment between us.

I sincerely pray for your happiness.

Be more and more happy…

God forgives him, therefore I also forgive him.

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I have forgiven all people and I welcome all of them with the love of God.

In the same way, God forgives my mistakes and welcomes me with his immense love.

God’s love, peace, and harmony surround me and each other.

I love him and he loves me.

I understand him and he understands me.

There is no misunderstanding between us.

Who loves doesn’t hate, doesn’t see flaws, doesn’t hold grudges.

To love is to understand the other and not demand the impossible.

God forgives you.

Therefore, I also forgive you.

Through the divinity of Seicho-No-Ie, I forgive and send you waves of love.

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