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May 13: Learn Two Umbanda Wisdom Prayers

Wisdom is for the few. The more life experience, knowledge, successes and mistakes a person has, the more he gains and lives his wisdom.

That is why it is normal even today for young or less experienced people to consult the elders and the wise. It doesn’t have to be an elder, but elders have a calmer, wiser outlook on life. But it is necessary to have harmony and humility.

A living example of this wisdom and experience in the work of guiding others occurs in the tours of Pretos Velhas in an Umbanda Center, where charity and equality are preached according to Christian principles. The energy that surrounds these spiritual works is calmer, harmonic, light and beautiful. Patience and wisdom are the keywords of these entities that always come with a word of love and guidance to show the “light at the end of the tunnel” for the most desperate.

Pretos Velhos and Pretas Velhas are entities or spirits that present themselves in the fluidic body of old Africans who lived in slave quarters and who love to tell the stories of the time of captivity. They are wise, tender and patient in their guidance. From the heart they give love, faith and hope to “their children”. They are entities of light that, due to their advanced age, had the power and secret of wisdom, despite the harshness of captivity, they demonstrate faith to endure the bitterness of life, consequently, they are guide spirits of high wisdom, bringing hope and tranquility to the desires of the person or consultant who seeks them to ease their pain.

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The main characteristics and attributes of Pretos and Pretas Velha are the widest possible. They are powerful healers, with their searching gaze sitting on their stool, smoking their pipe, blessing with their rue branch, praying with their rosary and sprinkling their fluidized water, they demand against the low astral and their puffs are for cleaning and harmonizing the vibrations of their mediums and consultants.

Due to the spiritual elevation of such entities, it is the advice and guidance to the consultants, they are a parent who seeks to relieve the pain of the soul and body.

These spirits, prepared, matured in time and space over hundreds of thousands of incarnations, assume the perispiritual form of an old black father, in order to guide and teach the real values ​​of true life. Wisdom, simplicity, humility, charity, evolution, seriousness, patience, calm and pondering are qualities, psychological attributes that refer you to the elderly, wise and profound connoisseur of the mysteries of the spirit.

At Umband, Old Blacks are honored on May 13, the date on which the Lei Áurea was signed, the abolition of slavery in Brazil.

For those who want the strength, wisdom and protection of Pretos e Pretas Velhas, below are two prayers to say whenever they need it.


“Lord, Our Father, who art the power, the goodness, the mercy, watch over those who believe in you and wait for your goodness, power and mercy. Give Father, to those who waver at Your Power, in Your Mercy and Goodness, clarity of thought and open their eyes, Lord, so that they always do good, charity towards others within the humility of Your Wisdom, recognizing so Your Existence, Power and Mercy, as well as Your Kingdom. Lord, forgive those who the darkness has not yet allowed to see the mistakes made in their earthly passage. Give, Lord, to those who suffer the light of Your immense Love and Your Wisdom.

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May your light enlighten us in this world and in others that we still don’t know, and everywhere we go, protect us. Oh! My Most Holy Father!! To us sinners, accept our repentance for the wrongs we have committed. Father, by your sacred goodness and passion, I consented that I walk towards you on the path of perfection. Give, Lord, perfect guidance on the path of virtue, the only path we should walk. Mercy to our enemies. Forgive all our mistakes, and may Your Goodness not fail us today and always… Amen”.


Praise be to all pretos-velhos.

Praised be you who form the most holy rosary of the Virgin Mary.

Holy Blessed Souls, protectors of all those who are in

affliction. We turn to you, pure spirits for suffering, great for

humility and blessed by the love they radiate, help me, for

I find myself in distress.

Grant me my good old niggers the grace of (grace is asked

you want to reach) through your intercession with the Holy Virgin

Mary, most holy mother of God and of us all.

Give me, my old blacks, a little of your humility, of your

love, and of your purity of thoughts, that I may fulfill my

mission on Earth, following all your examples of kindness.

Praised be all the Holy Blessed Souls.

Have mercy on us.

So be it.

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